Thursday, October 2, 2008

hmmm the last 2 sungkai dinner~

now that its raya.... i should talk about my last two sungkai dinners...hahah outdated my style... so yeaa...~

went to restoran nyonya with my parents, sis n uncle(qq).. each person is $12.80.. got dim sum such as siew mai, fried wanton and others..n normal buffet la.. best of lamb chop which my mom n qq absolutely love =D

some of the food we got.. as usal.. our dishes filled the table thus crowded to put any other stuffs... btw the corn soup was good... n the interior of the place was nice.. but too tiny!! we were actually squeezing our way through to the buffet area to get our food =P

hahaha posing!! but i look definitely BIG!!! specially my arms.. gar.. hehe.... nvm.. look at my kambang face sjala.. =D

see the interior? hehe i like... but problem is sempit... like what i said earlier..=p

dad mom n qq talking loots n seemed like they enjoyed it.. hehe~

we were erm... being spontaneous? hahaha sis mcam gangster or somethin look whereas me.. hmm sulking cuz no dessert like ice cream~ XD

ahaaa!!! two drinks on top were teh tarik and coffee... but since i wanted my coffee with milk n since the milk there out of stock... i mixed both teh tarik n coffee together... n voila!! a good drink!! creamy n yummy~ haha... but no surprise to parents... cuz there are such drink... what they called ah? ying yang drink? =P mom was complainin that if she drank it.. she couldnt sleep.. but still she drank it..nyaman waaa

after eating... we walked to the nearby electrical store n looked arnd... n gosh we were amazed with how sharp this video cam graphic on the tv could be!! see?? even mom was impressed... n me.. cudn resist but to take a pic of us in it... sharp ehhh!! sis was like seduced? XD

me posing with the headphone and the mp3 player... btw the sound soo lawa... hmm when should i get a headphone? =D

then we walked arnd the mall.. n got myself a new pants!!! but my size sold off! so i got a size bigger... to get a sorta longgar rugged look? but...hmmm i want sexy oso... XD then we got cakes from rizqun~ carrot cake, black forest, chocolate fudge and blueberry mousse~ i tink the most nyaman is choc fudge!! second... carrot cake.. then black forest.. n i didn really fancy the blueberry mousse~

then sungkai dinner out with saiful(aka ce-po-le) on tuesday.... he treat me.. cuz i won his dare challenge of fasting for 5 days(which was excruciating without drinking water whole day X-( ) it was in...erm... i didn even know the name of the restaurant!!!! he picked me up from hostel n drove me there.. it was in telanai i guess...~ next to the old smart(now change to supa save like -duh-)

food was alot!! $10.80 per person if im not wrong.... there was desserts, main courses, soup(bakso type soup), bbq! goshh i loooove the choc cake... it was heavenly like yum yum~~ then the soup.. a lil peppery which i like~ then the penang asam laksa was not bad... the beef, the curry.. the bbq's lamb was good.. hahaha

then fathi was there too!with his frens.. then came over n tok tok~ as usual he was very hyper n entertaining!

then me n saiful talked n talked bout stuffs!! from the outward bound to convocation event( ppl! watch out!! there might be many many many enjoyable events!!!since there's new VC waaaa=D) then talked bout wat ah?? forgot.. til we got thirsty n got ourselves drinks in supa save... haha then sent me back hostel... n there my girlfrens all balik from dating also... they dated in swensens loor.. hahhaa ah wells... mine free meal wat! =p n later that night.. tat certain someone called me up... n he was totally envious bout my dinner XD hahaha sorry syg~ date with u more when u get back la k? =D

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