Wednesday, October 1, 2008

students from Rakuno Gakuen University Hokkaido over~

at this time.. we were already in ubd showing the students arnd the campus.. previously we were all at the senate room in chancellor hall... n there were total of 8 japanese students and one professor.. n they were split into groups n we guided them thru ubd~ above(left to right) hidehiro(very cuteee!XD), kanae and ayako with sharon~

were bz chatting that part of the group was left behind =D n yeaaa my earlier pics... nada!!! my memory card corrupted... hah! duno its the memory card problem or its the digi cam prob? haah!

went into the library for aircon.. n it was cool!!! hahahaa n ohh i was puasa-ing that day.... surprisingly i wasnt tat hungry compared to other days.. mayb preoccupied~ hahhaa.. n yeeep a grp pic with our grp~

lim han bz taking pics! look at the gadgets arnd his feet! hehee n he was holding one of the japanese students' mobile cam... n he was impressed on how cleear the image was..XD

ok.. after all those exhausting jln here n there.. we settled down in a room in clt first floow.. n waited for all to arrive in that room.. after that.. we had this talk session with them... so the japanese students were split into pairs n sit with groups n talk then exchange n exchange til abis interact with all 8 of them...=D btw the guy above... is called takuya

takuya, taka(seriously..i duno his real name XD) n asami! hehee they gave us email addresses...but ksian la takuya.. he had to keep writing... but in the end.. not enough time to write em all so some of us got their contact addresses sja..

rain showing his current interest-knitting to hidehiro~ well we all tok bout random stuffs la.. cuz well.. duno wat to tok about.. luckily there one or two ppl who can converse in japanese.. so can entertain them la.. n cud see that they were nervous.. n they were still good~ =) they nice ppl !

taka this time...promote brunei traditional costume with the dastar, sinjang kris, etc..hehe taka so sporting! as usual~ =) nice to promote n let ppl know more of brunei culture la

part of the grp posing with hidehiro n hiromi! we all curious of hiromi whether she has mixed blood or not.. n she claims that she is pure japanese! boy.. we were envious by her looks..hehhee..mcam mixed with american or something...hahha... nywayz thanx yahui for helping us taking the pic!

(L-R top) grace, rain, LcK, masaya, mai, ayako(birthday girl!!! we all sang a birthday song for her), atab( the man responsible in arranging the students over)
(L-R bottom) yahui, kanae, fen, michelle, janet, jaclyn(sorry to whose names i spelt wrongly ah... =P)

mai-san's drawing! hehehe cute kan??? =D

we were having a great time with mai and masaya! cuz we were having games session with them~ jap traditional games.. n its quite fun! we enjoyed it...=)

after talking with all the japanese students.. we had a group photo....then i realised.. we didn chat with the professor! hehe ah wells.. it was getting late tho.... plus i tink he was chatting with minako sensei? =p

see? wat did i tell u bout his cuteness?? when we chat.. he didn give such expressions.. then when we take pics.. he was going all out! hahaha... n he is also a judo player.. hehee... dun piss him off, ppl~

then we were making this action by shaking our hands positioned next to our ears~ it was a game we played...i forgot the name laaaa!!! sumthing like( sendo mitsuo hana hana? definitely sumthin is wrong here XD)

another hyper person is ayako!! she definitely surprised us! cuz didn expect her to be this fun i guess..hahhaa..! yahui oso acting crazy with her... then we took pics with professor morikawa n agn hidehiro~ XD the rest.. i think they were 'booked' by the other students.. camwhoring arnd..XD it was fun...!! then i went back hostel only by arnd 6! wasehh.. first time spend time til that late in bjfa =)

there there i present u.. the extreme pevertness gaze upon grace!! hahaha ah wells.. the pic speaks for itself~ =D

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