Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bjfa- sports n game day!

03.09.08... event in bjfa for tat day was sports n games... well... sports is not tat sports la.. mostly is games la... n they played....this game... required to blondfold 4 ppl.. then draw sumthing on the whiteboard with the help of supervisor's direction... mcam like.. ok..first draw the hair.. then the eyes then the face then the ears so on and so forth..~ hehee quite entertaining to see~

the contestants with their masterpieces!! hehehe some turned out not bad..n some.. well.. they tried wa.. u tink easy to draw without looking har? =P

vince posed proudly with his masterpiece! 'not bad wa my drawing!!',he said.. n i tink... looks like him! hehehe

they had second round..third round... hehe enjoying themselves la... good for them! =)

err vince? u gone..erm... gila ha?? 'scorching' across the table?? or maybe jus 'hiau/miang' arnd with the girls? XD ok nola... the girls took his car keys n wallet i guess... n he was like pleading for themm..=p

eseeeh using the discipline power from kendo to draw properly? well it was actually not bad! i mean the drawings=) n mr koh(the only non kendo member) used his dimensional imagination to draw? hahaha teruk me toking as usual~

i tink they were bullying azri cuz he was abt to leave for uk soon tat time...

ta-dah!!! me n ai leeeeen~~ we wont missed out in taking pics together..huhuhu~ =)

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