Friday, September 12, 2008

sungkai eating spree~~~

puasa time..~ a time to puasa...but also a time to get wild~ i mean wild in eating food laaaaa~ hahaha i thought i promised myself to control intake of food... BUT i couldnt whahahahaa ah wells... so lets talk about food! XD

azri brought me to gerai ramadhan located next to the stadium n boy its soo lucky to get a parking cuz the place is overly crowded, packed n erm.. with loooootsa stalls~~

luckily i just nid to get hold of this 'boy' here to get my way through~ hehee

ah this (was it indian or arabic) stall... selling nasi briyani($2- not bad the pricing..n nyaman~~) n the chicken( $3- abit costly for a small chicken.... but its grilled like satay.. so its ok? @_@) i got myself both of them n for shan... n i got myself ABC ( a big pack for only $1!!) nice nice~ hehe n had pulut panggang.. not tat good la...

whooa... i haven eat this type of fish this season yet.. waiting for dad to get one for dinner... XD n boy there was soooo many choices that i duno wat to get la... but azri recommended the nasi so yea..

air tebu~~ i wana drink~~ hahaa soooo refreshing ahh~~ hehe buy it next time sja..

then then sungkai buffet in rizqun!!! with sis n uncle

ufo coming to earth?? XD okok... *lame* =phmm i kinda like the place sumhow.. =)

lotsa ppl arnd as usual~~~ then then... lotsa food too!!

see?? my uncle amazed with the food me n sis take.. hahaa...he haven even took his own makanan yet.. haha~~ nowa... we thought of takin more then share among each other also wa...

sis with appetizer?? indian appetizer... i forgot the name.. =p

got satays, sup tulang, rojaks, ambuyat with different sauces, murtabak with different sauces, lotsa desserts such as cakes, puddings, different bubur, ice cream!!!(3 flavours with separate toppings.. add as u like), etc etc... the buffet costs $21 per person~

me n uncle~~ hehe thanx for lanjaing~~ he suppose to lanja us in excapade (the discount 50% promotion..but too more seats when he wanted to book it) ah wells.. still nice la eating here

im totally disappointed with the ambuyat.... when i put into my mouth..still can taste the powdery flavour.. gaah~ plus when i went to get it.. the girl making it... the ambuyat tak jadi wa( didnt turn transparent in colour) then she made a new one.. this one also.. abit... erm.. not tat transparent la

the nexxt day, another sungkai buffet.. this time in Orchid Garden Hotel... i was given three choices to choose where i wanted to was OGH, SWENSEN or eat DIMSUM... then never tried OGH so here i am~~

he lanja-ed me~ haha.. before this... we went to watch movie..babylon a.d. erm the movie.. er.. okokla... action-wise i like.. but storyline.. mcam..err...*speechless a bit* hahaha ah wells

here its $20.80 per head... n the food ahhh not bad~~ mcam rizqun abit la.... but this one has cheong fun, better porridge, n gosh so nyaman popia~ n soup~, then lotsa salad... n the desserts not much but the watermelon 'punch' was nice..refreshing la... then got ABC lagi~~ except that u hafta make it putting ur own ice n topping.. hehe enjoyed my time there la

eerr didn realise... were we imitating each other ka??hehehe duno eh... =)

after the makn ...we totally full laa.... then stayed in his car abit to rest n act silly... haahaha

2 days eleven degree, a cafe in kb.... haha yea i know this is not sungkai eh... this is breakfast~ XD but still.. food~~~ n heeeey!! went there first time.. n the food was good!! the cheong fun was nice! skin quite smooth... then the seafood la mee was good~ yummy~~ then the mussel with cheese was heavenly..sumhow.. hehee... cheap lagitu~~ range arnd 2-3.. but got one.. beef dumpling..only 1.50~ wasehh~ hehe

there he is.. lookin the chef in work.. pullin the noodle~ =) ppl tend to avoid near the kitchen cuz of the noise.. but we like it.. haha listen to the wok cookin n stuffs...

the menu~~ sayang..many crossed out..meaning not in menu la... but if all in... it would be great~ more choices~ hahaha

so wat we think??? we love the place n food... n its cheap! 4 of us.. ate til 33 plus sja... XD

that very night... met razan, wani n leena for the first time this year!!!!!n they brought me to bsrc serikandi.. which i thought we gona have our sungkai buffet there..when was wanie-e's bday n they didn tell me~ more like..they forgot.. hahaha i brought no present... how nice? -__- heheh.. ah wells.. met many ppl i haven meet in awhile too~

ate our dinner... in a buffet way..just tat its free~~~ hehe then we were actually waiting impatiently for the cake! there it is... wanie-e with her cake~

after cutting... she took pic with us.. then abob took this pic of them..upclose.. haa~~ while we were posing loor... =P

vained vained arnd~~hahaha then we tok n tok n tok~ hahaha nice la the feeling of talking to them after lama tak cakap... talking without boundaries looor~ hahaha

then the boys at the other table~

there he is.. thanx for takin pics of us... n thank goodness u didn hide urself in here~ hehhee

haha wat razan?? u miss sumone too much tat u making tat face?? XD hehee... while wani posed n me.. ermm... looking at them posing..XD

ahh the cake~~ nyaman looooorrr....nyaaaaaman~~ XD hehehhee mwaksss~

i took my time eating the usual~ =) whereas razan's style is... gobbling it up! XD haha sowiii razan dear~ =)

then then... the next day... sungkai over at restoran nasi kandar penang with $12 per head.... with azri~ hehehe gah i keep eating ehh~~n yesh am gainin weight at the same time...~

lootsa curry~ nyamn nyamaaaaaan~~ hahahahaa... but yea im jus interested with the rice n curry.. other than that... not tat interested.. so sumhow.. 12 bucks for it.. hmm.. i prefer a normal serving la.. its cheaper tat way.. hehee

then then on thurs...went sungkai at kianggeh's ahan thai with all our coursemate with one eee senior, kah wee...ahan thai in gadong.. left 4 seats sja.. so we went here...soooo far away la.. hehee

n liang specially brought this for kah wee to mail(or something) to ling who went to uni of nottinham, msia the week before... hehee ksian him.. when he left..not many knew...hehe...

eerrrmm chee y give tat face to me ho?? hehehe

err liang.. i can still see ur face tho ur try to cover ur face~~ hehehehe

the ppl waiting for the time to sungkai~~ we were very very hungry~~~ @_@ hehehe~

there there!!! ready to get food~~ to settle down n wait for the drum to roll~~~ BUT there ah... no drum sound or prayers lor.. just music n the tv.. with mtv on! hahaha ksian la.. we all like.. when to eat kan>> haha so we jus followed our own watches n mobile phones...

irn waiting with her ordered meal in front of her.... whereas the rest went to take buffet....~ n yea her food.. thai curry... she said not as pedas as before... hmm

i saw cucur pisang there in the buffet..n asked liang to get some... then.. he got me 3... then shan got me 2!!! hahhaa thanx so much ppl~ i feel loved~ XD btw it tasted good- sweet n crispy!... but the green kuih... err not tat nice...

them eating! as usual.. duno y... when uploaded the pic.. it became like tat... hmm~~ hehe its them eating!! excluding oz n myself tho.. oz.. is well... well hidden~ whereas me.. no one take.. hahaha

my fried noodle with green curry! BUT... it doesnt seem green curry to me lor... too bad.. but the spicy taste is there la... =) still satisfied..but presentation wise... not nice..=(

there the girls!!

then the boys!! hehe we sat like we were in this speed dating thingy lor... 4 girls n 4 boys!! sitting across each other... ahhahaa~ ah wells.. kah wee!! all the best!!! n err syg the other seniors tak jadi come.. sigh... ah wells.. all the best in glasgow~~

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