Tuesday, September 16, 2008

farewell snrs~

took this pic.... before ling flew to kl, uni of nottingham for his 3rd year EEE... =)

on the day the EEE snrs left for uk.. liang picked me up.. then helped him carry his things to his hostel(which i reluctant to go.. but he said it was alright... plus nid help to carry things kan..so..i went) ..he tryin to show me arnd la ni.. hehe

the way to the room~ syok loor guys hostel..cuz ah.. they can use the stairs at the side to go to their room instead of going through the main door...

i couldnt believe what i saw..... AIRCON!!! plus his own personal curtain!!!! waseehhhh.. i tink guys room more lawa than the girls looor -_-

i cudn resist but to take pic while im there...hahaha he marah me~ ah wells

then next room... oz!!! wasehhh very clean too!! plus saw some stuffs from his *ahem* huhuh so sweet~~ =)

then he got a fridge!! n all are sweet drinks...-_-"" liang's determine to transform him when they go uk next yr... he gona cut down oz's intake of canned drinks o sweet drinks o watever la... hehe btw.. male hostel.. no book racks! we have..but still.. i dun put any books there =P

okok.. went to airport... n boy it was crowded n we were a lil reluctant to masuk la... cuz.. ermm... dunola.. we also gona fly in a yr time.. n time flies by... as in 'flying' by very fast!

saw snrs... first was azri.. then kah wee... then sui chieh.. safwan... then ang ang... haaaa didn see wani tho~~ heard she went in early? @_@

another pic with sui chieh, ang ang n dr voo...~ hehehe didn take pic with the others... cuz.. cudn see them at the right moment i guess..

after they went in.... n ermm yea... after saw safwan cried terribly.. i cried terribly too.. thanx liang n oz to b there with me... =p.... sigh.. then went to delifrance to get wat i hav been craving.. waffles n ice cream...it was not bad la.. hehe

i like the paper design.. sooo cute~ ehehe... but costly la... like the waffles... 7.90... then sultana croissant 2 bucks n orange juice 3 bucks..still okla.. =P n azri.. thanx for ur 'pasport pics' ah~~ XD ah wells.. all the best to u all ahh~ make us proud!! XD

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