Thursday, September 4, 2008

'creative' packaging =p

what do u think this is?? its like erm... sanitary pad?? for me it is... according to dad... 'eyer.. so disturbing one owh?? ' XD well it is to me too! who on earth would get a sanitary pad as souvenir all the way from taiwan??

open.. n there's mini pacls.. n it still look so wrong...somehow..

n ta-daaah~~ its marshmallow?? n its a lil sweet tho... n sis was like.. argh... even i dont dare to eat it... its like eating a sanitary pad...~ XD okok.. who is that weirdo who invented this dsign n the hypo tat approved of this desgin n maniac who intro into the marketing to sell??? =P im sure liang loves this.. kan? liang? XD

this is.... a thin metal box from japan(dad's japanese workmate came back from japan n got this as souvenir).. so pretty looking for me loor.... i thought what it was lagi..

rupanya... its just desserts.. extremely thin wafers in mini packaging... basically the 'dessert' u could even eat it up in 5 seconds? ah wells.. its a luxury~

im not sure how many pieces they were in this box.. cuz it was distributed among dad's coworkers...then then.. the rampas of this box began! XD

the compartments are just right to put the lil accessories~ hehe pretty pretty~~

hmm is this consider packaging? nywayz.. did i show alicia's totally early bday gift for me? nywayz this is the one la...

nah... u say la... how to 'solve' this colour puzzle?? totally clueless loor.. hmm~

im a nerd in makeup~ tho i like art~ hahaha~ anyone wana help solving this 'puzzle'? =)

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