Saturday, September 6, 2008

with the girls~

shan, lck, linna, chee, mas in mas room gila gila arnd~ =D

camwhored! nothing to do wa at that time... jus hang arnd.. n suddenly mas took out her cam.. n we pose n pose with the self timer!

ok.. i look high.. as if i took some alcohol n got myself looking so red~~ i didn go anywhere tat day eh... bowh... im love drunk? huahuahuaaa~

me n linna with mas's babies~

her babies agn~ red baby moo n red mini moo n pink mini moo!!

shan takin snap shots of us taking pics~haha

posing with some of mas collection of cows~~ moo, baby moo, n mini moos~~ gaaah~~

red mini moo vs pink mini moo? chee...can see u favour which side owedi...=D

gaah... u kissing me? owwwwh~~ hahaha i didn notice it looked like its kissing me... wawawa~~ thanx for 'calmin' me~ =D

we also fooled arnd..markin our height on the walls of mas's room..~ yea im the shortest...=(

b4 midnyt...tried to greet haijah for her bday~ n we did it by drawing n coloring on a4 pprs!! this is mas's

this is chee's mini greeting! forgot to take her with her bigger greeting punyaa~

this is mine!! hahaha mcam kiddo eh~~

tadaaaah!! sticked on her door quietly.. we didn sing her a song tho... think she was on the phone tat time i guess.. hehe it was fun laaa doing tat... lama no colour liaw... ba.. when colouring contest? =p

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