Friday, May 30, 2008

what's left of jerudong..

went to jerudong park on 16.05, friday afternoon... just to see arnd n jln jln n took pics for fun~ hehe bet most of u ppl didn go visit jp anymore eh? sigh dun blame u all.. it really has become a sad place.... they now even include evening entertainment for kids... giggles or something... btw they are clowns... though im older now... i think they freaked me out more than ever... i guess? =P ok.. they are scary~~~ a psycho disguised as clown!!! ok agn.. im just telling my thoughts wa.. nada tat salah pun?

ahh~ i like the blue ribbon tied around the green pole...~ haha i duno y they wana tie it but nvm.. it looked kinda sweet to me... btw.. most of the pics...i adjusted the colourings within my cam to give a more darker colour? haha for me... i like em... in my point of kinda emphasize that antique feel of jp? haha im jus sayin k? im jus sayin...

ahhh! the tree has engulfed the post lamp~~ *strangle strangle...muahahahhaa~*XD ah wells.. not a really nice pic for me i guess.. but just wana show how 'friendly' some of the trees in jp has become....=)

in the midst of reddy plants... there's a pink flower tryin to hide~ BUT i spotted u!!! dont b shy~ come greet me hello~ =D (hmmm~ wat was i really thinking when i take this pic?? .... ah wells... hi there lil lil flower~ XD)

'feed me! feed me!' rubbish bin has been starving since there's less ppl arnd~ ksian eh... the only friends are the friendly lil green plants below... tryin to wrap its leggies to keep it warm~ hmmm.... in return... it feeds the ground well enough to be greenie enough?? @_@ okok... im stopping this nonsense of mine.... nywayz... jp workers haf been keeping the park clean eh?? they haf healthy grasses n plants at an acceptable height~ so far that day... i see no overgrown jungle in there...i guess?? *thinks agn* shoot... i'll take back my word... specially in the second area of jp.. sooo creepy~

life cycle of an unbloomed flower...? ehehe unbloomed flowers with varying sizes n one which was on its way to bloom~

a bloomed flower~~ top view n side view of it~ =P still standing strong in a world of its own species~ no more intruders or outsiders to disturb them anymore... how do u feel flower?? erm except tat im intruding ur privacy now? =/

haaah! remember this lil dude? i never knew.... was it spose to b a logo o sumthin?? but i know when i was younger i hate tat.... cuz it always stands there with three or four fat cats... saying u cant ride the ride if ur shorter than the cats.... XP!!! n i would get really depressed n looked at my dad... 'paaa... i dont care... i wana play... i really play this one~~~~' n ended up teary n stuffs... n still couldn get wat i wanted... ah wells... those were the days.. i kinda miss it...XD

........ when there's like no train in sight or any conductors n u see destroyed control room n see the sign board as above... its kinda well... u kinda feel tat emptiness... sigh i duno... but if its night time... pls... dun go there... i tink its creepy... actually i think this place has potential to make zombie movies... cuz its soo isolated n so natural tat u dun really nid to reconstruct =P ....okaaai.. im sowi.. i was just sayin ok?

ex-train trails.... all that was left is the wood planks and birth of new plants.. hmm might be not bad afterall? nature friendly wa~ =) n ahhh might be good enough for taking portraits? natural scene~ wat more could u want? =P

where's my eyes? can u help me find my eyes? =( uhmm~ ok... it looked saaaad! though u couldnt see the eyes anymore.... but... yea.. an empty shell~

chains n chains~ hmmm i never bother what they are called... lets just say i keep takin lotsa things for granted..well not really...just tat i follow my childhood language for those playgrounds actually~XD childish of me?

algae n lil green plants made their way to the playground~ its not bad la... it gives the playground a little 'down-to-earth' feel~ not overly over man-made thingies~ its true!!! =P

ausplay branded 'spring-like see saws'~ well... luckily jp isnt abandoned totally... at least some families would bring their younger children over n played here~ plus its safe.. u dun need to rebut main arnd mcam in giant.... in here.. they get to round around freely under their parents supervision~ n yeaa... there was this cute lil baby boy wit his dad... the dad placed him on top of the slide n the boy slided down... skali the dad yg happier than the boy! he was like... yaaay! cmon cmon one more slide~ XD

the lamp post in narnia~ XD

*humping humping* ahh i mean... the cutey huge butterfly was holding onto the tree for support... yes! that should be it....right? =P *lck ah lck... they r all decorations sjaaaaa dun 'overthink'* =O

mini pirate ship!!! when there's no big pirate ship to admire.. u see the mini one..=P ahh... when i was younger.. i never ride this tho... rode the bigger one... waseeeeh~ syok rasanya~ though its many yrs back... but i can still remember a lil~ always sat at the end or double last end~ i wonder y? more syok n scarier i guess~*pls apply physics for more understanding....* urm... maybe some other time i'll think bout it..-_-

this time i saw two monkeys hanging on a branch of a tree near a mini caterpillar ride fr the kids... it did amused n excited the lil kids abit... they were like pointing arnd with tat very sakai faces of theirs~ adorable~~ X) the main advantages of placing the monkeys n butterflies n other animals anrd the track... to occupy the kids with its cute design n bright colours~

fragile yet strong flower~ =)

ahh~ dead mans cove! the shooting game~ if im not wrong i think i had only played it once or twice... cuz its one of the most popular games tat time.... ppl love to shot at things~ ah wells... plus my aiming is kinda bad i guess... i rather wana wait in line for the rides more? haha ok... i cudnt really remember the details.... but now...can see the kids do enjoy them! =) cuz there were quite a number of kids playin there =))))

the supposedly friendly welcoming grp of colourful animals? they r still cute n lively lookin~ =) they must haf spent loots on these~ hmm worth it~ =P

walked over to the other side of jp.... sigh.. kinda waste of a huuuge land~ even my beloved pony express is gone =( i sooo missed it...~ n the condition arnd this area is totally scarier n disastrous than the area where we were tadi... trees arnd some blocked some pathways... lotsa empty spaces where the rides had taken away n sold to other countries i think....*sigh~*

its not safe to put ur hands another on the railings! so look before u place ur hands there!! azri accidentally hold it n he got biten by one or two.... yeeep~ the feeling very syok u know~ =P so anyone who would love to get bitten by red ants... pls feel free to visit jp for their wondrous breed of entertaining rajin BIG family of red ants berlepak lepak on the railings~

see the condition of it??? tall grass n plants n uprooted trees which havent been cleaned yet~ they blocked our way up~ thus we tak jadi go to the 'boomerang' or 'pusing lagi'(both roller coasters)..cuz malas to go the other way round... we had been walkin arnd too much...~

see??? scary leh?? heehe sowi... i had to do some changes to this pic... cuz the normal pic is a lil not nice.. n since i duno how to use photoshop... jus used the acd functions... those auto thingies~ n i guess the pic still looked a lil horrible... hehe ah wells.... walked back to the main jp park la...

loootsa thanx to azri to bawa me jln arnd~ n take pics along with me...=)

hahahha~ *speechless* i duno which pic to post wa....randomly put la... heheehe n we went to eat at the jp food court la.... hungry wa after walkin long distance.... n the food... wasnt as good la... ah wells... nvmla... then went to check some dvds n yesh azri... 'was' proud of u not getting anymore new dvds.... cuz there's this huuge stack of dvds u bought n u haven even watch them~ shame on u~~=P picked his bro n sent us back respectively~ hehe

ok... enough update for today... ahh... lama i didn do a moderate length post...n im owedi totally sleepy~ hehe tats y this post came in lambat la... jus cuz i keep tangguh to update my blog...=P hmmm... i miss the used-to-be 'jp'~

Thursday, May 29, 2008

back in business?

ahhh i see the window with someone's shadow.... who was that agn? =P aah~ this was after my exams.... with no transport back home.. so stayed in hostel.. then wanted to go went to one of the fos room to online.....

within that room... there was this board...fuuuuuuull with physics equations~ @_@ gosh... baru i abis my physics exam(last ppr) one o two days back? then i see these equations agn~ aargh~ to my amazement... i remembered the equations~ =D BUT NOT NOW ANYMORE~~~ XD okok... i'll stop with my idiotic-ness~ i guess?

what do u see in these three pics? i see safwan was tryin to 'caress' azri's face~ n azri was not in that mood that he told him off... n now safwan sulked n azri tryin to assure safwan he didn mean it tat way?? XD

his hand~ hey u were spose to revise seriously.... having a short break eh? =D

safwan's blog is back for business~ XD i mean i mean it has been reopened~ =D well best of luck to u~

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i love lazy

ah... am here to express my love for laziness...

I LOVE U!!!!! XD

hehehe senseless...i know.... sigh.. but im actually in a love n hate relationship with my laziness... love tat i dont need to do anythin but hate tat im not doin anythin~ XD y not do something>?? u all myt say.. but... im too lazy to think of other stuffs...=P unless there's ppl to drag me away o request anythin.. then i myt do something? like ystrdy n this morning... my mom practically woke me up...forcefully... by comin to me once in awhile n nag til i get frust...~n continued til i really wake~ the reason? bringin me to ogdc for a mornin walk... she partly brisk walk n jogs... as for me?? half the time... my eyes were half open.. the other half... my eyes closed~ =P thus... i did the zombie style~ =P swayin arnd~ hehe but the sun this mornin was overly friendly tat i can feel its love piercing thru my skin..gah~ was overflowed with vitamin D!! T_T"" okok... i'll stop with the exaggeration.. nyhoots... lets just say i was not really exercising.. hehe..

ahhhh! i want to watch this drama~ seems interesting~~ at first i was addicted to utada hikaru's song- prisoner of love.. then searched for it n found out its used as a theme song for a j-drama... 'Last Friends' ahh.... wat captures me was.. that good lookin hunk was actually abusing the gf o wife? ah wells...below is the opening of the drama~ enjoy~ hmmm.... now....siapa ada????

ahhh! ystrdy afternoon n night... was kinda addicted to the sushi game... i know i know... its a very lama game already~ but new to me~ cuz i just played it~ hehe~

ah wells... let's all play sushi go round~ XD

n OOOOOHHHHH!!! psssssst!! saw some pics of irn in one webbie... but somehow... her pics werent there anymore=( anyways~ irn u look sooo uber cute~~ XD ive never seen u in curls~~ =P haha boowh y im so excited?? *shy* XD

Monday, May 26, 2008

after mib exam~

this was the first day of sem 2 exams~ after mib...which i did really really terribly in... one of the topics.. i did read bout it! n when i saw the topic given.. i was soo excited.... i know this i know this! then when i tried to write bout it.. i forgot.. my mind was a total blank! me idiotic o not? @_@ sigh.. after the exam.. unwind a lil at hostel.. then took a nap....

when i first woke up.... was w/o my glasses... n i saw this view i terus took my cam n snap... still w/o my specs... gosh.. didn know wher i focus on.. hehe but there's sumthin tat it captured my sight... o mayb cuz im still in a dreamy state?? haha btw i still haven master to capture wat my eyes see.. sigh... i nid to work more... gah... am lazy~~~~ -_- *slaps myself*

then this... otw to bathroom to take a shower in my sexy maroon-coloured kain with towel round my neck(only the girls know how sexay i look~=P) i saw the lightin... then i rushed back to my room to get my cam agn... erma n yumie were there i tink.. n they were shocked.. haha... took a shot.. mas came out n joined me lookin at wat im tryin to see.... n she frust... haha i myself oso blur on wat i see... but just tat warm light~ =)

while takin pic... yee jan came to see wei kee~ haha~ a stolen shot of her~~ ah wells... simpan my camera in mas room temporarily... takkan me bring the cam with me to mandi ryt?? n the girls were like thinking... oooh~ u bringin the cam together with u n take pics while u showerin?? =D omigosh~ haha thanx for the idea but no thanx.. im not tat 'brave' n wudn wana wet my cam eh~ XD

ok.. back to claim my cam~ n there chee bermain main~ n there i was~ someone tiny standin there like an idiot~ XD

back in my room.. saw this... its dead~ but the way it crawled its tiny leggies.. hmm catches my attention~ =P haha apakan~ gosh.. how did i got rid of it agn?? @_@ eeerrr cudn remember~

Saturday, May 24, 2008

from mas's baby T2~

during revision week... there was this maths extra class~ our maths lecturer was overly worried with us tat she cnducted extra classes for us~ hehe~ this was when we waited outside the theatre room thingy of chancellor hall...while waiting... we took pics with mas's baby new cam, sony T2~ =) (the rest of the pics are from that cam itself~ =))

@.@ =D @.@ hehehe~ oh yea.. chee looked so adorable wearing the shirt with huge head of bart simpsons~ hahaha bulgy eyes~~ =D

wat were we lookin at?? wat were we smiling at???? ?_?

mas + lck ~ *hearts* hahaha~ =P

after our class... went for lunch in excapade! hehee gosh~ we haven got enuf of excapade eh? =P AH WELLS... this time we didn have the usual way of eating... just eating set lunches or was it just rice with normal meat la....?

the 2 hungry girls!!!! XD nadalaa~ ah wells... i think they both ordered teriyaki chicken with rice... wassit?? -_-" cudn remember~

mine was rice with chicken curry~ hehe not bad la.... its not spicy la~ n for my opinion, its worth its price cuz lotsa chicken hehehe~ n yea tat very nyt i went to eat at kaizen with qq n my sis eh... then chee also went out with her sis n ate at excapade agn?? hehe sushi mcam our normal food o sumthin eh~ XD

was in mas's room~ n urm... ok wat was i doing? i tink tat's shan's feet~ hehehe ooowh! wassit i was looking at the nails kristy helped me paint o sumthin?? it was hideous... cuz the colour didn suit me~ XD mcam i baru abis hunting o sumthin..hehe

her room~ now i kinda miss seeing her in her room~ plus borrowing o getting stuffs from her...such as... choc drink satchets! hehe... sem... will cya arnd~ =)

ahhh revisin for exams!!! hehe we conquered the common/tv room besides siew chee~ hehe... actually not bad to study~ i guess~ specially maths!! gosh am soo thankful~ got to revise more when in this room~ =P but physics?? uh-oh... didn help much tho~ @_@ bleeh~

yesh... enjoyed our lives in hostel... n im missing it already...='(

Friday, May 23, 2008

during revision week~

this is the future itb hostel? o apartment? im not sure myself wat they will call it... kinda BIG project eh? hmmm was abt to balik seria just before the revision week then sis wana see this place.. heard she is partly in charge in designing it? im not sure myself.. didn ask her in details... cuz.. uh-oh.. im not tat interested... hehe... ah wels.. this pic is sooo cute to me... that piece of cloud... seems like its on top of tat incomplete building~ XD

when balik home... no dinner.. had to wait for sis to tapau... wanted butter milk prawn! n this!!! its bnd 8!!!! shoot la... n there's no gravy!! @_@ soo not worth it.. luckily it didn taste bad.... normal dishes r like 5 o 6?? but this.. 8!! sigh... even my sis cudn believe when she paid for it.. n she said to me... 'nah..mi...! remember to abiskan!! very priceless u know!! @_@' hehe sigh~~ wont go there to eat anymore... i prefer to go mee stall for simply 2 bucks dishes~ =P yummy n cheap!

ahh during revision week~ mas gave me her coupons~ n i get to haf free food from serikandi, the hostel's canteen!! XD thanx mas aka porcupine!! hehehee i can think less o worry less on wat i shud eat ah wells.... nywayz... d revision week... i tink... im ok.... =P but in terms of studies?? @_@ gosh... not much la.. i did start.. but not long after.... lupa wat i studied~ gaaaah!!! *frust*

i really love their lunch buffet-> well not really buffet... its just rice with 2 choices of meat n one veggie..... lunch provides loooots of choices... unlike dinner... its fixed....-___- ah wells... the negative things bout eating hostel food is... its sumtyms overly salty... specially the soup!! wasehh~ totally ada 'rasa' dgn secukupnya~ gahh... u can feel like the price for salt dropped drastically...~ hehe ok.. im overly exaggerating~

ah!! sis specially brought me out n bought this for me.. said it was papa who wanted her to buy me this~ say.. good for my health! specially in studies!! my sis said' good u know!! drink this n u'll be very energetic n can absorb more!' then i tried...@_@ it was okla... then studied... then when sleep... woke up ten sumthin the next day! waseeeh i tink i sleep better after drinkin instead of able to absorb more eh~ -_-"" plus.. chee said its 'hot' for d body.. i didn know.. nah i totally haf no idea bout health supplement~

ahh! sis brought me out agn...went to giant hanged out n bought some groceries~ there was this lil shop tat sells chinese desserts such as red bean dessert, soya bean, etc... very very rare to haf such shop laa shud b encouraged in brunei!! cuz its not bad la... good for health lagi.. not tat sweet.... in brunei mostly ice cream shops such as dq, swensons, etc... so with this... its a refreshin change.. price not bad too~ but syg atm no tauhu hwa~ i want~ -_- i miss my hometown's tauhu n yummy~ *slurps* shoot.. am hungry atm la.. haiyoo... nywayz.. the shop ppl say tauhu hwa coming soon..cuz still waiting for sifu from china..~ ahh cant wait~ i wish u 'isweets' luck~ =D nywayz... this red bean dessert alil watery to my liking... but inside they added a lil sago... a lil almond(shud be la).. a lil ideal milk~ they shud improve more... o mayb i biasa eat mama cook punya...very pekat n yummy~ XD gosh now i miss it....*mommy~ make red bean dessert for me~~~~* =P