Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a long sleep~~

one word....woooow! i just had 11.5 hrs of sleep jus now... it was.... actually... well... not bad~ hehhe... wat to do.. im back at my bed w/o a bed... =P basically im sleeping on a piece of mattress on a flat wooden board... nah i haf back probs... i tink it started during my secondary times n i didn bother bout them til it kinda affected my health a lil(including constipation?, hardening of muscles?, ahh i haf no idea.. but errr -_- nvm~~)... started when i accidentally tripped n rolled down half a flight of stairs when i was younger.. n mayb tats when i gained weight? -_- went to see a chinese doc o watever he is... said i shud sleep on a flat surface....so changed to sleep on a flat surface....n after 3 weeks of not going back home n slept on a bed tat's soft... killed my back somehow(though its sooo nice to roll arnd=D).. hehe ah wells~ nyaaaaman my sleep tadi osola XD

owwwh... wat shud i do during the holidays?? i tink i shud be doing sumthin.. but agn... laziness always win me over...@_@ arrrghhh i need to get myself m.o.v.i.n.g!!! i have to!!!!.. ok... what did i just said? =P

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