Monday, May 19, 2008

resco event on 24.04.08

ok... i couldnt remember wat event this was... but but... it was something like doa selamat for the students taking exams i guess... n was there cuz i had to take my attendance.. n also take attendance outside the mosque...

surprisingly some non-muslims came for the attendance... normally they wont bother to come.. guess they were trying to collect enough chops for the activity passbook so that they can register for staying in hostel next sem....

ahhh ada jamuan ready~ waseeeh~ not bad ehh~

pretty hostelites posing~ =)

me n suzy~~ ah... see how inappropriate my baju is?? haha what to do... one whole day stayed arnd campus...nada balik hostel.. no time to bath lagi~ terus arrived the mosque from fos eh... n yeaa... after some time.. the ppl arnd were kinda staring at me... n it made me feel awkward... but... went to focus on takin pics...hehe

hehhee leng luis! n yea i still roam arnd the area... n chit chat with the girls.. then haijah n i decided to walk back to hostel cuz ksian haijah tat she still haf work to do n didn haf enuf rest(arnd one hr sleep only?) yeaa... walked back..

reached hostel... n waited for awhile n went out... i couldnt remember where but for sure it was giant.. hahaa apakan~ =P ah wells.. im not sure wat im updating actually.. mayb am jus sharing pics enjoy~

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