Monday, May 19, 2008

chinese language and culture week

haaa! only now i get to update bout this chinese language n culture week~ ah wells... cuz bcuz...well.. was lazy to edit the pics arnd.. sooooo there it is!!!! =) n well.. d event wasnt really a grand one though...compared to japan o korean... myt b not enough support from ppl?? o its just tat i came at the wrong time of the day?? hmmm~

watcha takin pic of of??? *blink blink* hehe admire the artwork of vegetable cutting eh~ look how pretty it is!!!

anybody?wanton? XD it looked sooo real... but yea its a fake..~

this too!! for decorations... n look d cute lil penguins~~~ kyaaa~~ n well. i duno y...but popcorn as backgrnd? representing snow??? anyone?? @_@

ahh... another cuuute creation.. no idea wat it is tho... snow rabbits o something?? hehehe me limited knowledge wa... sowi~~

carrot!!! surrounded by rabbits~~ =D

showing n explaining the twelve zodiacs~

the surroundings within the chancellor hall... didnt d big big decorative thingy looked sooo familiar?? seemed like the one from nbt.... am i wrong? =P i guess... they sponsored a lil bit of sumthin...i guess...?

ah... d pretty chinese thingy...hand made!! where ppl stitch thru the kain both back n fro to create a very delicately smooth cute lil picture~ =D

the patung-patung representin the beijing olympics~ cute eh~~ XD

more of them!! hehe promoting the event~

the cute lil erm... ok.. i dont know wat it is... isit a badge o sumthin?? but its sumthin like a souvenir...(like duh~) ooops~

ahhh i saw ppl with chopsticks!!! they were preparing n testing themselves for the chopsticks challenge... how?? use chopsticks n try to pick the red beans one by one~ @_@

look how rajin they r!! n i tried for awhile... n i was ashamed...! terus i dropped the chopsticks n ran way~ wahahhaa ashamed cuz im a chinese n still i cudnt handle chopsticks well~

paper cutting thingy!!! tats my product...held by yee jan~ n gosh... doesnt look similar at all... waddaheck..~ haha~ but not bad la..quite fun... there were quite a number of ppl there to try cutting the pprs... wat to do... u get to cut some pprs n get the design n bring it back with u! mcam souvenirs eh?? =D

hmmm real orchid o fake? shoot i didn realse o even bother to check it out! was bz takin its pic sja.. -_-"""

wasehh~ lawa eh~ppl go pose pose like tat! me shyshy eh..hahaa does it even matter...~

*gasp* sol in depression??? so 'yao ying' sit sumwher just like tat... natural poser?? XD

i love kepo arnd n take ppl's pic... only zannah noticed me~ hehe nywayz u girls looked great~ ^_^

d ppl in calligraphy~ BUT sorry no offence but... i dont really fancy their calligraphy lor... its erm... inconsistent n unsure n yea random... T_T i want real calligraphy at work~ =P

yaaaay!!! peace to ya~ thanx yee jan for helping me to take this pic~ =D

now ur turn!! hehe u seemed very very happy~ hehe hyper shud i say? =P

yee jan n her friend outside the hall... with the huge banner o sum sort... ahh.. i tink i recognise it from ICC if im not wrong... ah wells.. correct me if im wrong ahh~ =D ah wells.. i went for a few hrs sja for the event... n didn go for the next few days cuz! of heavy rain n also... was doing our potato thingy~ so yeaa~

n there!!! a pic of me with oz who at last didnt shy away from camera n willing to take a pic decently~ but well.. he kinda regretted a lil when we took this pic.. cuz well.. he smiled?? haha he has the potential to b a girl!!! XD haha nadawaa...cute ryt him??? well duh~ he's my ank sulong after all~ =D

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