Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i love lazy

ah... am here to express my love for laziness...

I LOVE U!!!!! XD

hehehe senseless...i know.... sigh.. but im actually in a love n hate relationship with my laziness... love tat i dont need to do anythin but hate tat im not doin anythin~ XD y not do something>?? u all myt say.. but... im too lazy to think of other stuffs...=P unless there's ppl to drag me away o request anythin.. then i myt do something? like ystrdy n this morning... my mom practically woke me up...forcefully... by comin to me once in awhile n nag til i get frust...~n continued til i really wake~ the reason? bringin me to ogdc for a mornin walk... she partly brisk walk n jogs... as for me?? half the time... my eyes were half open.. the other half... my eyes closed~ =P thus... i did the zombie style~ =P swayin arnd~ hehe but the sun this mornin was overly friendly tat i can feel its love piercing thru my skin..gah~ was overflowed with vitamin D!! T_T"" okok... i'll stop with the exaggeration.. nyhoots... lets just say i was not really exercising.. hehe..

ahhhh! i want to watch this drama~ seems interesting~~ at first i was addicted to utada hikaru's song- prisoner of love.. then searched for it n found out its used as a theme song for a j-drama... 'Last Friends' ahh.... wat captures me was.. that good lookin hunk was actually abusing the gf o wife? ah wells...below is the opening of the drama~ enjoy~ hmmm.... now....siapa ada????

ahhh! ystrdy afternoon n night... was kinda addicted to the sushi game... i know i know... its a very lama game already~ but new to me~ cuz i just played it~ hehe~

ah wells... let's all play sushi go round~ XD

n OOOOOHHHHH!!! psssssst!! saw some pics of irn in one webbie... but somehow... her pics werent there anymore=( anyways~ irn u look sooo uber cute~~ XD ive never seen u in curls~~ =P haha boowh y im so excited?? *shy* XD

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