Friday, May 23, 2008

during revision week~

this is the future itb hostel? o apartment? im not sure myself wat they will call it... kinda BIG project eh? hmmm was abt to balik seria just before the revision week then sis wana see this place.. heard she is partly in charge in designing it? im not sure myself.. didn ask her in details... cuz.. uh-oh.. im not tat interested... hehe... ah wels.. this pic is sooo cute to me... that piece of cloud... seems like its on top of tat incomplete building~ XD

when balik home... no dinner.. had to wait for sis to tapau... wanted butter milk prawn! n this!!! its bnd 8!!!! shoot la... n there's no gravy!! @_@ soo not worth it.. luckily it didn taste bad.... normal dishes r like 5 o 6?? but this.. 8!! sigh... even my sis cudn believe when she paid for it.. n she said to me... 'nah..mi...! remember to abiskan!! very priceless u know!! @_@' hehe sigh~~ wont go there to eat anymore... i prefer to go mee stall for simply 2 bucks dishes~ =P yummy n cheap!

ahh during revision week~ mas gave me her coupons~ n i get to haf free food from serikandi, the hostel's canteen!! XD thanx mas aka porcupine!! hehehee i can think less o worry less on wat i shud eat ah wells.... nywayz... d revision week... i tink... im ok.... =P but in terms of studies?? @_@ gosh... not much la.. i did start.. but not long after.... lupa wat i studied~ gaaaah!!! *frust*

i really love their lunch buffet-> well not really buffet... its just rice with 2 choices of meat n one veggie..... lunch provides loooots of choices... unlike dinner... its fixed....-___- ah wells... the negative things bout eating hostel food is... its sumtyms overly salty... specially the soup!! wasehh~ totally ada 'rasa' dgn secukupnya~ gahh... u can feel like the price for salt dropped drastically...~ hehe ok.. im overly exaggerating~

ah!! sis specially brought me out n bought this for me.. said it was papa who wanted her to buy me this~ say.. good for my health! specially in studies!! my sis said' good u know!! drink this n u'll be very energetic n can absorb more!' then i tried...@_@ it was okla... then studied... then when sleep... woke up ten sumthin the next day! waseeeh i tink i sleep better after drinkin instead of able to absorb more eh~ -_-"" plus.. chee said its 'hot' for d body.. i didn know.. nah i totally haf no idea bout health supplement~

ahh! sis brought me out agn...went to giant hanged out n bought some groceries~ there was this lil shop tat sells chinese desserts such as red bean dessert, soya bean, etc... very very rare to haf such shop laa shud b encouraged in brunei!! cuz its not bad la... good for health lagi.. not tat sweet.... in brunei mostly ice cream shops such as dq, swensons, etc... so with this... its a refreshin change.. price not bad too~ but syg atm no tauhu hwa~ i want~ -_- i miss my hometown's tauhu n yummy~ *slurps* shoot.. am hungry atm la.. haiyoo... nywayz.. the shop ppl say tauhu hwa coming soon..cuz still waiting for sifu from china..~ ahh cant wait~ i wish u 'isweets' luck~ =D nywayz... this red bean dessert alil watery to my liking... but inside they added a lil sago... a lil almond(shud be la).. a lil ideal milk~ they shud improve more... o mayb i biasa eat mama cook punya...very pekat n yummy~ XD gosh now i miss it....*mommy~ make red bean dessert for me~~~~* =P

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