Thursday, May 29, 2008

back in business?

ahhh i see the window with someone's shadow.... who was that agn? =P aah~ this was after my exams.... with no transport back home.. so stayed in hostel.. then wanted to go went to one of the fos room to online.....

within that room... there was this board...fuuuuuuull with physics equations~ @_@ gosh... baru i abis my physics exam(last ppr) one o two days back? then i see these equations agn~ aargh~ to my amazement... i remembered the equations~ =D BUT NOT NOW ANYMORE~~~ XD okok... i'll stop with my idiotic-ness~ i guess?

what do u see in these three pics? i see safwan was tryin to 'caress' azri's face~ n azri was not in that mood that he told him off... n now safwan sulked n azri tryin to assure safwan he didn mean it tat way?? XD

his hand~ hey u were spose to revise seriously.... having a short break eh? =D

safwan's blog is back for business~ XD i mean i mean it has been reopened~ =D well best of luck to u~

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