Saturday, May 24, 2008

from mas's baby T2~

during revision week... there was this maths extra class~ our maths lecturer was overly worried with us tat she cnducted extra classes for us~ hehe~ this was when we waited outside the theatre room thingy of chancellor hall...while waiting... we took pics with mas's baby new cam, sony T2~ =) (the rest of the pics are from that cam itself~ =))

@.@ =D @.@ hehehe~ oh yea.. chee looked so adorable wearing the shirt with huge head of bart simpsons~ hahaha bulgy eyes~~ =D

wat were we lookin at?? wat were we smiling at???? ?_?

mas + lck ~ *hearts* hahaha~ =P

after our class... went for lunch in excapade! hehee gosh~ we haven got enuf of excapade eh? =P AH WELLS... this time we didn have the usual way of eating... just eating set lunches or was it just rice with normal meat la....?

the 2 hungry girls!!!! XD nadalaa~ ah wells... i think they both ordered teriyaki chicken with rice... wassit?? -_-" cudn remember~

mine was rice with chicken curry~ hehe not bad la.... its not spicy la~ n for my opinion, its worth its price cuz lotsa chicken hehehe~ n yea tat very nyt i went to eat at kaizen with qq n my sis eh... then chee also went out with her sis n ate at excapade agn?? hehe sushi mcam our normal food o sumthin eh~ XD

was in mas's room~ n urm... ok wat was i doing? i tink tat's shan's feet~ hehehe ooowh! wassit i was looking at the nails kristy helped me paint o sumthin?? it was hideous... cuz the colour didn suit me~ XD mcam i baru abis hunting o sumthin..hehe

her room~ now i kinda miss seeing her in her room~ plus borrowing o getting stuffs from her...such as... choc drink satchets! hehe... sem... will cya arnd~ =)

ahhh revisin for exams!!! hehe we conquered the common/tv room besides siew chee~ hehe... actually not bad to study~ i guess~ specially maths!! gosh am soo thankful~ got to revise more when in this room~ =P but physics?? uh-oh... didn help much tho~ @_@ bleeh~

yesh... enjoyed our lives in hostel... n im missing it already...='(

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