Friday, December 28, 2012

Adi+Fae wedding

Late last month, I covered Adi and Fae's wedding (Previously did a casual photoshoot for them). It was a Brunei Malay wedding and it takes place over three days; Majlis Akad Nikah, Majlis Berbedak dan Berpacar and lastly Majlis Sanding! (For more info, just google them) Definitely nerve wrecking as it is my first time to be attending all three events of such wedding and there was massive pressure as I doubt if I can do a proper job out of it. Verdict: I did my best, was pleased which some of the outcome =D So cut story short, here are some of the pics. For more pics, just visit my Facebook or... just click the links below =p

Majlis Akad Nikah


and so christmas is over.. nye next?

*My dog is adorable*

How are you guys feeling and enjoying the festive seasons! Now that Christmas day is over, people start to look forward to the new year celebrations. For some, like the radio, is looking forward to Chinese New Year since they are already playing songs, so hyped up la the radio station~

So I have been busy, but busy with what exactly? Maybe when I am always away from my laptop, I labelled myself as busy since there is not much updates from me lol. But hey, when I am active on FB, I am active! Let me just recap what my major erm activities happened in my life.... in the next post!! hahahha! I apologise ah! It's because some of the pics I want to post has already been deleted due to limited storage on my laptop and the programs are like lagging for no apparent reason (or maybe my laptop is just getting old already *gulp*)

Til next time!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

So it has passed Christmas day. Today is boxing day.. sadly there is no boxing day sales over at where I stay but I did have an early celebration of Christmas over in Singapore. It was my first time in many many years that I set foot there and I love that place! Sales, shops, food, fashion, decors all over! So here it is.. erm... is it even considered as E-cards? Anyways late greetings from me and my dogs but better than no greetings at all in this dead blog.


Loving my dogs? Yes, you should XD