Friday, December 28, 2012

and so christmas is over.. nye next?

*My dog is adorable*

How are you guys feeling and enjoying the festive seasons! Now that Christmas day is over, people start to look forward to the new year celebrations. For some, like the radio, is looking forward to Chinese New Year since they are already playing songs, so hyped up la the radio station~

So I have been busy, but busy with what exactly? Maybe when I am always away from my laptop, I labelled myself as busy since there is not much updates from me lol. But hey, when I am active on FB, I am active! Let me just recap what my major erm activities happened in my life.... in the next post!! hahahha! I apologise ah! It's because some of the pics I want to post has already been deleted due to limited storage on my laptop and the programs are like lagging for no apparent reason (or maybe my laptop is just getting old already *gulp*)

Til next time!


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