Friday, September 28, 2007

random stuffs

here are some random pics from d china 3g phone... my small little cute little 2mp sony camera has officially masuk grave o sumthing tat i couldnt use it...but to depend on my phone's 0.3mp cam... soo depressing... cudnt take good pics.. goshh tats soo torturing~~ ah wells... got myself a new cam liaw... huhuhu will intro tat in the next update...~
yuin roo playing piano... im so honoured to listen to her playing piano~ hehehe (sowi yuin roo for posing ur pic~~)

both of us got marked on the forehead cuz we both sang 'i swear' and got less than 80marks.. haiyo we duno how to sing that song properly waa... tau chorus saja.. not the whole song waa!!

making sushi!!!

first time rolling the seaweed up like tat.. fun!!!

enjoying the sushis we made

there was this resco funfair with water bouncers!!! i played in it at night with analisa, maslinee, christina n efna... waaseeh!! sooo syok!!! though it was raining with thunder.. i couldnt care less cuz its once in a lifetime thingy..~~ and well.. i had this stupid thought in ma head... if i were to struck by lightning... there'll be lotsa ppl company me oso... so wont be lonely... apalar me this... hahaha

posing in my booth

during the pesta konvo nite... gosh.. tot it was interesting..but it was disappointing!! haiyo.. ngam ngam got prom going on.. tats y not much ppl there...but rajin ppl like us from hostel ah.... helped to fill the seats up eh..... on a saturday nyt agn tat!! didn balik rumah.. -_-

helped out in the sports day for ubd's faculties... gosh was so hot la... me with wei kee in charge of the group that dealed with children's games... hahahha scary kids during bouncer time... too hyper~~ huhuuhu

during nite time... got bbq!!! nyaman d food!!

instant friends!

went shopping around with razan and linna for razan's stuffs for uk!! then bumped into najib!! then we together gether lepak~

eseeeeh razan~~~ mish u~~

we kept saying najib looked like pekerja sana waa... in this pic... macam intro razan which electrical stuff to use o sumthin... hehhehe

while waiting for them to finish their conversation...~

najib lanja us at pizza hut... supposedly me n linna lanja razan but he rampas our chance~~ hhuuuhu but thanx nywayz najib!!

we tried on bajus at ego...~~ hahhaa there was this very very funny moment that only me, linna n razan knew... huhu tat'll be our lil secret~~ ksian najib waited for us while we changed bajus~~ ah wells... ^_^

msia muhibbah run 07

its been a month and a half since msia's merdeka.. and i dare to update bout it now.. haiyoyoyo... ah weels.. still im very semangat to update bout it ma.... so me good msia citizen ryt?? i even join the msia muhibbah run wit ma sis and uncle wor...razan n wani oso joined but they didn turn up.. ngeh~~ huhuhu but my parents most semangat of all.. specially balik to west msia to join the muhibbah run over there at pahang... -_-"

the mini post showing where the run is gona be

me and uncle getting ready for action!

the place banjir laa.. heavy rain that day

despite the heavy rain, lotsa ppl still turn up

survival run went off first... 15km inside the jungle...

skillful guy posting up their banner... quite a nice restaurant~

my syg syg uncle

my love love sis

our messy shoes... not even started to run yet

ppl waiting outside... got milo van there to supply cold milo!!! yuum!

waseeeeh..... brunei n msia flag worr... very very friend oh! heheheh

getting ready for the run!somehow we took the long run instead of fun run... my uncle la!!! we suppose to go for short run but we followed his lead.. and he abandoned us when masuk jungle... teruk him eh! leaving me n ma sis saja... d other ppl we knew went for short run~~

in the jungle

at the mini waterfall place... someone lost their digi cam there when we reached there.. ngeeeh~~

tall tree tumpang liaw... nyways we came out one hr something later... and it was a good run!! but not for my sis a.. she complained me no wait for her.. but i did!! u know i love u (sis) ryt?? of course wait!! hehehehhe

this time the night event wasnt that great compared to before.... ah wells.. the food was good!!! and we agn never did win any lucky draw... our luck always very very sikit... maybe zero even... tats y whenever there's lucky draw.. we never kena anything... ishh.. hehehhe baba stop here!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

ubd life... i guess/think??

update a little on my ubd life la... hahha i can feel that my blog is more like a picture album... hmmm but that's my style... what can u expect from a person who doesnt like to write much?? hehehe

us following razan's transport to chancellor's hall... sooo far wa that place...

in maths lecture


my EEE female classmates...(now left me & irnnie-d one in blue, the others left for uk)

my EEE male classmates (left auzi- the one at the right wearing white)

cold drinks are ur best friend during hot days~

before and after looks after consuming cold drinks... huhuh

had lunch with jul n haijah

on the way back home... jul's face distorted~ wahahahaha thanx han for taking this pic!! and yea he left for uk too...

lazy razan... duwan to go into her room yet...hehee

sylvester and ignatius having a badminton match with the seniors.. they r good!

with kristy~ she dragged me out from hostel at 8.30pm and walked from hostel to stadium just because of her burning passion for badminton... me no complain... cuz get to witness n root for sylvester n tiong! hahaha

posing agn in fos admin


on my bday!!! went to ogdc with lysa... missed that place.... hhuhu

got to hav dinner with lysa~~ my last time seeing her during her 3months break.

went back hostel that very night of my bday~~ huhuhu

gosh im old looking....

during lc class... i dont really like lc class... cuz its english... and need to do reports n stuffs... issh

razan playing pool in MRC... me jadi observer

me, mag, don in bjfa

my first time in bjfa....

trees at hostel..~~

opening of pesta konvo at chancellor's hall

the three soh chais at library... play cs agn there.... haiyooo~~ but quite dependable.. specially on homeworks!! hehhee