Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hostel orientation

ahhh now turn to show pics of the hostel orientation laaar... well wont say much as usual... pics will do the talking for me.. hehehe

new opening of hua ho at tutong the day i went up to my permanent hostel room for this semester....

errm.. they say its a rocket?? o jetplane??? me no idea~

kikik competition tat day~

beginning of hostel orientation!! this is get to know ur 'saudara angkat' or something... i remembered my name was not in the list... was relocated last min...

wani's stuffs.... hahha (sowi wani~~) she was my neighbour before going to uk...

razan in her room~ sighh.... in uk liaw... she lived just in front of my room ehh~~

just before going to masjid~

our journey~~~

light effect!!!!

hanging out in common room...

having breakfast before going for lectures...

amah razan!!!

reflection of male hostel... or known as male residential college... (MRC) which i never knew the meaning until recently.. hehehe

the view in the evening

the resco members

us agn in masjid!

the male hostel's hall.... more homey feel than the girls' hall...!

our x-men group!!

ksian we ppl... no rooms for us to practise our dance moves..

wolverine!!! our mascot...~~

x-men united!

bollywood style analisa~

hindustan feel~~ hahaha

practising our dance moves

having a break in ma room~

analisa holding razan's new baby

during sports' day.. which is on sunday... had to walk over to the stadium

sunny sunny day!

then the guys came.... teruk eh.. we girls reached there earlier.... and we had to wait for the guys... isssh

still semangat looking ppl

attaching wolverine's claws... funny during this scene cuz syaza (wolverine) acted as if we forced the 'claws' into his hand.. and he screamed and the guys had to hold him down... huhuhu~

doing a dance look?? but his prob was... how to eat... and.. how to pee when he had the claws on... wahahaa

one of x-men team members... our group is known for sporting ppl waa.. hahaha love our group~

ksian sinah was wrapped with tissue ppr... but syg we got 2nd place only for this...

taking pic with 'mummified' sinah

cheerleading ppl~

messy messy place!!

grp ultraman with their jingle... so nice.. they got 1st... isssh~~ hahaha

our boys... playing football wearing sarong...

didnt know wat he was doing...but he sure got all the girls' attention ehh~~

during last day of orientation..

sinah, the orientation queen!

pose pose moooore

the head of resco... hehhee

him agn with the resco members... bullying our mascot!!!

me n christina...eagerly wana take pic with him!

quawim, resco guy who is very very supportive of our grp!!

x-men rules!!

and agn

and agn agn... ahh such a wonderful night!! lotsa ppl teary tat night.. some even cried.. macam graduation eh.. huhuhu

this one.. went to gadong tamu to buy stuffs to celebrate linna's bday

the view of the mall (from tamu's view)

and agn... (when in the car..going back hostel)

getting ready to partaay

we got to surprise linna!!! =D


happy makan!!

after that.. went down to kanteen... to have a reunion with the x-men peeps~


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