Friday, September 28, 2007

msia muhibbah run 07

its been a month and a half since msia's merdeka.. and i dare to update bout it now.. haiyoyoyo... ah weels.. still im very semangat to update bout it ma.... so me good msia citizen ryt?? i even join the msia muhibbah run wit ma sis and uncle wor...razan n wani oso joined but they didn turn up.. ngeh~~ huhuhu but my parents most semangat of all.. specially balik to west msia to join the muhibbah run over there at pahang... -_-"

the mini post showing where the run is gona be

me and uncle getting ready for action!

the place banjir laa.. heavy rain that day

despite the heavy rain, lotsa ppl still turn up

survival run went off first... 15km inside the jungle...

skillful guy posting up their banner... quite a nice restaurant~

my syg syg uncle

my love love sis

our messy shoes... not even started to run yet

ppl waiting outside... got milo van there to supply cold milo!!! yuum!

waseeeeh..... brunei n msia flag worr... very very friend oh! heheheh

getting ready for the run!somehow we took the long run instead of fun run... my uncle la!!! we suppose to go for short run but we followed his lead.. and he abandoned us when masuk jungle... teruk him eh! leaving me n ma sis saja... d other ppl we knew went for short run~~

in the jungle

at the mini waterfall place... someone lost their digi cam there when we reached there.. ngeeeh~~

tall tree tumpang liaw... nyways we came out one hr something later... and it was a good run!! but not for my sis a.. she complained me no wait for her.. but i did!! u know i love u (sis) ryt?? of course wait!! hehehehhe

this time the night event wasnt that great compared to before.... ah wells.. the food was good!!! and we agn never did win any lucky draw... our luck always very very sikit... maybe zero even... tats y whenever there's lucky draw.. we never kena anything... ishh.. hehehhe baba stop here!

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