Monday, January 11, 2010


heya ppl~ i KNOW i have been neglecting my blog~ what to do.. u all know what facebook can do now... n where most ppl would be in~ hahaha such a bad reason to abandon my blog... but ah wells... here i am... posting a post for the sake of posting~ hahaa~

btw... was going thru some sites.. n stumbled upon this website...puricute.... which u can 'cute-n' ur pic n stuff~ im not too sure in how to 'cute-ify' a pic~ but my first attempt la~ but it could be addictive... XD

oh yeaaa! happy new year ppl! i cant believe how fast it could be! 2009 ended n now 2010 comes! woohooo!!! hopefully this year would be kinder to me...XD well...i said this.. cuz i sorta start the year by getting sick! not a good sign to begin the year with!! (superstitious beliefs) like what my sis would say-> this year is year of the is a 'fierce' year! so be careful! hmmm.. i would try.

oh my~ i cant believe how long i havent been typing on my blog.. i thought i might abandon it n never agn blog... but here i am agn.. maybe its also because... my winter holidays has come to an end.... n 2mrw the new semester begins~ i try to look forward to it n do better in studies.. in regaining my composure n be a better friend(i suck at it!) and a girlfriend(still not that good)~ =/

so yeah... enjoy ur year ppl! =)