Thursday, May 31, 2007


have been baking stuffs recently~~~

chocolate muffins with bits of caramels within~~ readymade liaw laa... only add egg and water la~~ (isit? haha forgot liaw)

a smiley~~ ^_^

this time it's pancakes with a lil smashed banana inside!! n my mama made fried rice and soup... ended up a very weird combination for lunch!! lol~

half condensed milk n half chocolate with cheese~~~ sighhh d arrangements look like a smiley face eh?? lalalala~~

haiyoo duno what post is this..~~~ huhuhu

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

monday, 28.05.07

ahhhh on monday, went out around noon and picked anna up and did grocery shopping... we couldn't find jacob crackers!!! the original or the sour cream flavour~~ sasatz!! somehow we were hungry.. decided to try the new orchid bla bla.. the one with the chinese chefs... but then!! sooo disappointing and scary and uninviting!! cuz when i parked my car... we saw 2 female wearing a pink short dress with white aprons( thye soo looked like prostitutes) and a male standing so samseng.. and the chef smoking with a teruk facial expression~~ ah wellz.. then sudddenly they close the shop!! haiyooo they duwan to do our business ahh.. ah well.. ended up in mama's delight~

the drinks there are big and cheap!! the taste boleh tahan la... nice to hang out there.. cuz nice atmosphere and music.. nice specially for chit chatting!!!

me laksa($3) and anna macaroni something($3.50).. i think.... the food is ok ok... and the portion is kind of small but just enough... wont feel too full or hungry.. just right la....~~

spend quite some time there then my bro was in nam hua(correct ka) and he saw my car.. and i saw him with his fren yam cha there!! haiyooo don't care him la... then continued grocery shopping... after all that.. went to ogdc jalan jalan to let us digest better~~ huhu but since it was sooo hot.. went into the main building... for aircon!! there were some so called exhibits(consists of pics la) for us to see and browse through the lil shop... there're some things i want to get!! eeee wahahahhaa..

trying to post with sultan's son behind.. huhu

after quite some time we went out jalan jalan again... and saw cats!!! we tried to hunt them down but lost them.. then go jalan jalan again~~ admire the surroundings and chit chat la... then we saw the cats again!! this time with kittens!!!

one of the kittens that is soooo a poser!!! he/she was posing for us puas puas!! soo cute!! wahahahahaa then after a very very very looong time taking its pics... had to go back for dinner liaw!!!

me and anna pose here and there~~

nywayz.. i really enjoyed spending time just like this!!!! cuz at home soo bored... but i really love to do this kind of hang out with the people i love.... sighh.. looking at the sky~~ doing irrelevant stuffs~ i don't need to go anywhere fancy to make me happy!!! wahhaha what the heck me talking liaw~~~ sighh i wonder who i can bring out to hang like this since anna gona start work soon!!! eeeeee *wonder*

just me!!!

well did some tests and i think the following is like the closest and true about me~~~ huhuhu.. lots of interesting tests there though... =D

Your Personality Profile

You are dreamy, peaceful, and young at heart.
Optimistic and caring, you tend to see the best in people.
You tend to be always smiling - and making others smile.

You are shy and intelligent... and a very hard worker.
You're also funny, but many people don't see your funny side.
Your subtle dry humor leaves your close friends in stitches.

Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a creative hotbed of artistic talent.
You're always making pictures in your mind, especially when you're bored.
You are easily inspired to think colorful, interesting thoughts.
And although it may be hard to express these thoughts, it won't always be.

dedicated to my family

yesterday on sunday, nothing much happen... only thing i kept gilaing with my sis... and officially by night~~ im back to my old self!!! i have been moody for the past few days/weeks.. and now thinking about it... what the heck was i doing????? i could have enjoy life more but i prevented myself from it~ sighh... but i was sooo glad im back to my old self.... and i think i annoyed one of my friend cuz i keep asking questions since i was curious and just cracked up~~ wahahahhaa i love my sis alot~~~ ehhh noo..... i looove my family alot!!!!!

dad- though i always mistreat you(in terms of talking, i love to talk back to him in a sarcastic way~~) i really do syg you though you may syg ur camera more~~ wahhaha true kan??? huhu kidding laa.. a very carefree daddy and please... stop smoking waaaa!!! hehee

mom- wooow... one of the most influential person in my life... who taught me sooo many things and mould me into what i am now.... though you looked soo fierce but i know everything you did was for the best of us, the 3 'crocodiles' of Leong family~~ i'm sorry that i always make you worried.... and i hope in near future i can tell you that i love you~

sis- my dearest sis~~~ my so called 'twin'(lots of ppl thought we were twins)... whom ppl thought im older than you!! sigh... lazy girl in terms of housework but rajin to push me to do stuffs.. when i annoy her...she is very patient with me!!hahaha that's why i love to annoy her~~

bro- sometimes he has attitude problem that we quarrel but when he is nice... oh boy... he is sooooo nice~~ its hard to hate him fully!! wahahaha his english is the best in the family and he knows how to socialise more.. i think??

huhuhu i sooo cant express my love for my family in words... but yeaa i love them!!! mwaks to u all~~~~

saturday, 26.05.07

today is baking day at razan's place again!!! but then... somehow we were getting lazy at baking that we had no recipe or any idea what to bake~~ with the help of razan's cookbook.. decided to make custard!! yuuum~~ we started baking really late that we were sooo hungry and ended up cooking maggi mee!! and i ate the most... BECAUSE!! wani gave me most of her mee~~ wahahha it made me happy though~~ X-D

make caramel~ but we were kind of slow that some caramel hardened(pic above~) ohhh making caramel was sooo slow, taking around 20 minutes.. we thought we cant even accomplish even the simpliest thing~~ sighh

maggi mee curry with little soup...~ just the way i love it!!! wahahahha

when we boil the thickened cream and milk... it overflowed~~ hahaha luckily the stove convinient for cleaning~~

waiting for custard to cook~~ were in razan's room and see them 3 practise dancing for some special function~~~ then relax, took pics~~

when almost time.. went to check the custard... and it became like a ball!!! sooo weird!!! whahahaa but it tasted soooo good!! specially when we add extra maple syrup!!! yuuum!!

another batch of properly shaped custard~~ this one with caramel at the bottom!!! oooo remind me of egg tart!! but we missed out one word in the recipe.. that is... has to put it in the fridge OVERNIGHT!!!! aiyoyoyoooo teruk we all~~ it's due to our malasness that we malas to read and bake~~ ughh....

went to gym after baking... without wanilina since they had to buy gift for their mama~~ after gym.. razan met her fren and had this cuuuute lil' tortoise~~~ and it really can walk fast!!

on the way back.. noticed this extremely cute lil single cloud in the sky... hmmmm wonder why?? huhu
spend the night with my sis.. and my parents came back from farewell run..which means more drinking and more eating~~ and now i really malas go hash liaw.... cuz soo stressful and costly~~ wahahahaha... what for soo susah payah to exercise in the forest when i can just brisk walk in ogdc?? hahaha.. but hashing is really really good for body la... hmmm next time la.. when i have the mood.. :p

Thursday, May 24, 2007

wednesday, 23.05.07

ahh today.... went to kb for shopping in the morning.. then in the afternoon, followed my mama to get her hair dyed... while waiting... the cute little kid and kitten brightened up my day!!!! cuz they are soooo adorable!!! eeeee huhuhu

the little kitten playing by him/herself... ^_^

then when we got back home... parents went for hashing and i decided to bake the oatmeal chocolate chip that i bought earlier on~~ added a layer of caramel in between~~ eeeee nice!!!! so me and my bro ended up having that for dinner!! ugghh now i feel guilty~~huhuhuhu

crunchy at top and soft at bottom... :D

soo yeaaa fatty me~~~~


hmmm yesterday nothing much happened... just want to share a cute pic of the cute little plate~~

buy one darlie toothpaste and you'll get a cute plate like this~~~ wahahhaa maa~maa~~ or i thought it was baa~baa~~~? X-P

and a seedless papaya~~~ i wonder how to plant that papaya if there's no seeds inside?? hmmmm

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

monday, 21.05.07

the girls...goshh my eyes sooooo small!! must be my specs blocking part of my eyes~~ bleeh

hmmmm monday... totally monday blues~~~ i was soooo moody... razan knows about it~~ ahaha cuz i was really complaining to her... wahahhaa well... went to soon lee browsing for some stuffs with ak. and saw lailatol! chit chat for awhile then we went up to ayamku restaurant to have lunch with razan and her colleagues~ were teasing razan alot! hahaha.. somehow it cheered me up~


after lunch, went around and it started raining... whoaaa made me feel even moody~~ then he sent me back so early that i have time to have afternoon sleeeeep~~~ and when i woke up... felt terrible laa... sigh... then went to ideal to tapau chicken.. and when i got back i received a card from alicia!!!! yaaaaay!!! that totally brightened me up! thanx sooo much alicia!!!! hahaha i'll try to lanja u next time la.. that time im really really broke waa.. soo next time k??? lab u lots!!! and yeaa still have to show rachel, shirley and maggie the card la... hmm wonder when leh?? huhuu

sunday, 20.05.07

razan enjoying her sinful drink! and wani with her healthy watermelon juice! wahahhaahahaha and me ahh being neutral.. drink air suam sja~~

our food!!!

today, me, wani and razan met up, just for the sake of the less successful pie... (sigh) but on the way to my place.. the pie melted a little.. so had to freeze it up... so we went to have lunch in wywy then drove down to nem...but unfortunately!! it was closed!!! sighh so wanted to go to gym... i haven't work out for more than a week liaw.. due to some circumstances... haiyaaa~~

posing around~~

before going back!! the second pic ah... soo idiotic larr... since im short.. both of them tried to bent to let me look taller!! wahahahah what friends are for?? =P

then went around kb town to find a gym.. but err disappointed! so end up in mumong sports complex.... the gym there was not that bad.. since we only have to pay $2! ngam ngam got competition going on there soo it was extremely lively around there... but there were uncle pervies there... sooo scary!! eee luckily it was enjoyable.. since there was music there! hahaha

after 2hrs plus... went back to my place to try the pie... and it was errr satisfactory... i luurve the crust!! but the filling taste weird!! hahah cuz well.. we used the wrong ingredient.. we used cream cheese spread instead of philadelphia cream cheese!! haiyaya.. nvmla.... trial and error maa.. next time... it would be nicer~~ lol! wel.. showed them some pics and they went home! and yeaa i gave my bro to try and he said.. wahhh got 3 taste! sweet, salty and bitter!! wahahahaa well.. its due to the presence of sugar, cheese and cocoa powder!! wahahhaa but he said its acceptable.. yaaay.. a passing mark!! huhuhu

saturday, 19.05.07

playing around with the pie pastry!! ingredients= digestive biscuits, icing sugar, butter

ahhh on saturday, it's baking day again!! as usual, went to razan's place.. but only me, razan and wani present.. leena had to stay ome and revise for her june exam! oooooOOooo wish her best of lucks!! well then... we planned to bake marbled cream cheese pie! and ohh its soooo fattening! but it's once a week sajalar, so it's ok!! haha so then.. we planned to make 2~~

both of them looked like they were competing!! haha i prepare and weigh the ingredients and ask them to mix it by hand!! since the machine broke down~~ huhuu

voilaaa!!! the final step is just to refrigerate it!!! no need to put in oven!!

while waiting for it to freeze... we watched 'blood and chocolate'... a movie that we bought a few months back and never watched!! wahaha i lurve the wolves!! and while watching.. we ate cadbury ice cream caramello o sumthing.. with the extra wipping cream...~~ but halfway through wani had to leave early to prepare her stuffs!
after the movie... left us unsatisfied because of the dum dum main characters~~ and what's worse.. the pie havent hardened yet!! tamparss... but agreed to meet tomorrow and eat the pie tomorrow cuz wan, razan they all have dance practice in kb... and i just went home la... and spent my time sleeping!! hahaha~~~

Friday, May 18, 2007

friday, 18.05.07

ahhh today~~ in the morning, went to tamu with my mom to do some groceries and got ourselves breakfast~ nasi katok and pulut panggang~ yuuum~~ then arnd noon went out with anna and had lunch in kfc.... and jln jln here and there... bought some desserts from the pinoy bakery at the side.. ribonet or something... haha don't know the spelling... then at that time.. it rained!!!! very heavily!!!! sigh spent time browsing through dvds and we were amused by the 'interesting' covers of the audio cds there... specially the wordings~~ huhu~~ then went to soon lee for some grocery shopping for tomorrow's baking session.... the darn gelatin sheets ahh nowhere to be found.. just powder! but there was no smaller package~ sighh... then went to supa save... the same... then to millimewah... worse... there was none... then everywhere in seria also nadai~~ astaa~~~ everyone said sold off~ apalaaarr~~~ soo had to ask razan to buy for me! ssighh.... then went to tamu to get something... but tak jadi since i had so much food at home waiting... mama marah later~~ haha then send anna home... that's it for today larr~~

ooohhhhh i didn't take any pics today ohh~ wahahhaa off day today~ nvmla.. lemme post me posing with the cute bunny (auntie's) :P
chemistry between us~~ err... pls ignore the background!

eeee sooooo faaaat d bunny!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mika Nakashima - Oborozukiyo~ Inori

well just want to post one of my current favourite japanese songs... it's a slow emotional song wit great instrumentals!!!! i sooo love the violin~~~ and mika's voice is as unique as ever~~ so please just listen to this song... enjoy~~ *winks*

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

late updates!

three siblings~~

posing~ ( dad taking our pic...couldnt pose with us)

i haven't been updating for awhile eh... so to summarise it.. let me begin from last friday, 11.05.07. it was my bro's graduation night! huhu enjoyed it though it was just standing around... cuz was fooling around with my sis with the video cam and the mini graduation bear!! then took looooots of pics of the flowers my bro and his frens bought...

flowers!! with the graduation bear~

then at nyt... luckily there was last minute seats... so my sis and i were able to join and witnessed their graduation..~~ yaay!! but then we had to skip dinner!! and we ended up eating at late night... sooo nyaaman~~~ maybe we were too hungry larr~

sighhh my dad's new baby~~

overnight in imperial, then the next day lepak awhile in miri then rushed back up to bandar to receive my dad's new 'baby'... ugghh didn't know he would buy it...abandoning his other nikon!! ah wellz... then bought a cake for mothers' day~~ ate nasi lemak then balik la...

at last... one successful shot!!

we seriously were very curious when we saw this!! the fishes were like surrounding the pipe and some went in and out of the pipe!! gila ehh... is there an underground pub in there or something?? huhu were amused laaa...~~ we actually thought one of the fishes were dead cuz it wasnt moving wa~~

then on sunday... supposedly to go anduki at 11am for so-called smsa gathering... but ended up in razan's place and around 1 sumthing me, razan, wani, leena and their 2 cuzzies went to anduki.. and err yea only few ppl were there~ haha.. then on that very day, my sandals rosak!! eee luckily got my sport shoes... haha such an embarrasing moment... luckily only wanilina n deir 2 cuzzies around saja~~ huhu but it was sooo boring that we all went to ogdc abandoning razan there... and whooaaa lotsa ppl there watching spidey-3 but soo costly la $7 worr~ but dun care liaw... we just hanged there and talk ... somehow i was soo bored that i went to buy fish food and feed the fishes with them..after that we went back~
celebrating mothers' day!!!

on monday, went out with ak to smsa and he finally got his testi and leaving cert! but soooo unfair laaar his testimonial soooo loooong!! eyeeeer~~ benci~~ wahhahaa then went for lunch wit razan and najib in escapade....~~ then went here and there to finish our chores!!! hmmm like that laa....
najib knows how to pose while the other know err... know how to eat~~ huhuhu

razan and her choki choki moment~~ with me~~

by special request by he himself, gave me permission to post his pic here~~ waahhaha well.. he just wana show his new 'look' by using sunglasses!! i think he look even more gay! but he insisted it's metrosexual~~ -_-" right~~ =P

haha me malas to explain more waa.. cuz if i do... then this post would be uber long! but naaah! that's it la... and yeaa i oso post less pics liaw ohh!!! hmmm sowi yeaa~~ cuz im really really lazy and moody as well.. due to my hormones laa!! sighh gotta wait a few days later then i will get better~~ huhu :D next time i'll post more k?? huhu~~

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I LOVE KB!!! video clip~

eeeeeeeeeeee when i was browsing through the friendster's bulletin... i saw this link.... and well... its about a video clip saying about i love kuala belait!! duno why... but i enjoyed it!! hahahaha...~~ though me org seria... but neighbour of kuala belait oso... so just post here~~ enjoy~~~

moumoon - mellow & love psychedelico - your song

hmmmm ive been listening to the song mellow by moumoon... duno why... but i recommend it!! haha its kinda a jolly happy song....~~~ and her slang ah.. kinda reminds me of the band 'love psychedelico'~~ ah wellz.. u ppl might not know them ahh... sighh... anywayz had to upload it myself since imeem doesn't have it....ah wellz.... just enjoy the song!!!!

and err... post an old song from love psychedelico saja... i looove this old song of theirs~~ huhuu enjoy~~~

wednesday, 09.05.07

today went to gym with wani only~~ cuz si leena went dating!! sighh she escaped leaving us both single ppl... spending time.. in gym!! haiyayaa.. well... started from 10.30am til 1.15pm i tink? hmmm after every workout relax for awhile... but nice~~ and yeaa.. cost $5 this time! cuz we came in the morning waa... but doesn't matter lar =)
after gym... distorted faces~~ huhu but we werent tired though... =D

after taking a shower in the gym....~ posing time~

after working out... the lady told us 'jgn makan banyakx2 yea?' huhu... we still eat la... this is wani's roasted chicken~~
my laksa.. but soo disappointed!! cuz its not even hot.. its only warm.. then i asked to guy to panaskan... then waited for awhile... when it came.. it was like the same warm laksa!!! haiyaa duno if they even heat it o not... sigh.. laksa taste good when they are hot waaa...!! but nvmla.. still taste good...~

after chatting awhile in wywy went to supa save and bought ice cream!! err... well we worked out right?? soo its ok~~ whahahaa
hmmmm then wani sent me back and i rest... then my mom took me out to ogdc agn to brisk walk... sigh... now im tired~~