Tuesday, May 8, 2007

saturday, 05.05.07

wooow!! haven been updating.... i was just too lazy~~ ah wellz... on saturday.. went to razan's place at around 9 sumthing... wani and leena were there liaw... well.. both of them chose to bake 'Chocolate Raisin Cake'... and had all the ingredients....except eggs!! razan had only two eggs left in her house.. so wani and razan went out to buy la.. but end up with keropoks and choki choki!! they said the eggs were out of stock!!! eeeee so ended up askind wani to get it from her place... ^_^" lucky~~ so yeaa... to summarise the whole process of the baking.... it was fun and funny and enjoyable!!! haha specially si leena...!! huhu~~

original pic of the cake ~~

some of the ingredients on stand-by~ soo shiny laar

separating the egg yolk and egg white! they looked like they were doing some experiment!! specially the expression of wani! huhu

halfway through mixing the ingredients, the machine rosak!! so had to whisk them manually!! we took turns... sighhh~~

had time for a grp pic... gosh i looked old~~ ah wellz.. played cluedo agn while waiting for the cake to bake....

the cake is ready!!! but we used a bigger tray so the cake is uber thin!! ah wells... since we had choki choki with us.. we signed on it... using choki!! =P me and razan were successful in signing.. but wani signed wan only.. and leena= lin.... but she wiped away her number 21~ -_-"

posing with our.... 'successful'(?) cake

since the cake was soo thin... razan sliced it into 3 slices and we put lotsaaa nutella on a slice then put another slice on top and put more nutella until the top!! then sliced it into 4 parts( soo syg when saw the nutella oozing out~~ gilaaa~~ but me and razan just ate the nutella that came out) after that we refrigerate it!! wohoooo!!! while waiting... were playing uno~~

after a while... we ate the cakes... it was yummy!! but was abit too hard but crunchy... but ah wellz!! its chocolate!! doesn't matter!! huhuhuhu... as we were planning to go to the gym... wani and leena went back to pack their stuffs... while me and razan were still playing.. mastermind... sigh i sucked at that game!! -_-"

sooo colourful~~

razan picked wani and leena and their cuz up at their place... and off we go to the gym in kb!!! along the way.. actualy something happened and it shocked us all!! well.. it's our secret ehh!! ^_^ hmmm spent around 2 and a half hours there... and in the evening.. more people came.. some smsa people.. and tiong was there!! huhu saw his muscles... and i was like asking him.. 'eh since when u come here?' and he replied...'long time already lor!'.. hahhaa paise paise!! me the one first time go.. and me ask a regular what he was doing!! gila me...:p

after working out!!

posing around~~ as usual~~

my dinner....~~ huhu kidding!!! night time went to procter and ate beef ball noodle soup....! and i had to mix the above into my food... ah wellz... saw lysa's whole family there!! ohh missing lysa~~~
then these days.... i can honestly say... i ate a lot... as in a lot!! had appetite to eat ever since work out in gym... so instead of maintaining my weight like razan... i actually gained weight! ughhh... im gonna go gym 2mrw..!(wednesday) with wani and leena~~ huhu they fell in love with the gym liaw... huhuhu... good... at least there is company~~ =)

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