Wednesday, May 16, 2007

late updates!

three siblings~~

posing~ ( dad taking our pic...couldnt pose with us)

i haven't been updating for awhile eh... so to summarise it.. let me begin from last friday, 11.05.07. it was my bro's graduation night! huhu enjoyed it though it was just standing around... cuz was fooling around with my sis with the video cam and the mini graduation bear!! then took looooots of pics of the flowers my bro and his frens bought...

flowers!! with the graduation bear~

then at nyt... luckily there was last minute seats... so my sis and i were able to join and witnessed their graduation..~~ yaay!! but then we had to skip dinner!! and we ended up eating at late night... sooo nyaaman~~~ maybe we were too hungry larr~

sighhh my dad's new baby~~

overnight in imperial, then the next day lepak awhile in miri then rushed back up to bandar to receive my dad's new 'baby'... ugghh didn't know he would buy it...abandoning his other nikon!! ah wellz... then bought a cake for mothers' day~~ ate nasi lemak then balik la...

at last... one successful shot!!

we seriously were very curious when we saw this!! the fishes were like surrounding the pipe and some went in and out of the pipe!! gila ehh... is there an underground pub in there or something?? huhu were amused laaa...~~ we actually thought one of the fishes were dead cuz it wasnt moving wa~~

then on sunday... supposedly to go anduki at 11am for so-called smsa gathering... but ended up in razan's place and around 1 sumthing me, razan, wani, leena and their 2 cuzzies went to anduki.. and err yea only few ppl were there~ haha.. then on that very day, my sandals rosak!! eee luckily got my sport shoes... haha such an embarrasing moment... luckily only wanilina n deir 2 cuzzies around saja~~ huhu but it was sooo boring that we all went to ogdc abandoning razan there... and whooaaa lotsa ppl there watching spidey-3 but soo costly la $7 worr~ but dun care liaw... we just hanged there and talk ... somehow i was soo bored that i went to buy fish food and feed the fishes with them..after that we went back~
celebrating mothers' day!!!

on monday, went out with ak to smsa and he finally got his testi and leaving cert! but soooo unfair laaar his testimonial soooo loooong!! eyeeeer~~ benci~~ wahhahaa then went for lunch wit razan and najib in escapade....~~ then went here and there to finish our chores!!! hmmm like that laa....
najib knows how to pose while the other know err... know how to eat~~ huhuhu

razan and her choki choki moment~~ with me~~

by special request by he himself, gave me permission to post his pic here~~ waahhaha well.. he just wana show his new 'look' by using sunglasses!! i think he look even more gay! but he insisted it's metrosexual~~ -_-" right~~ =P

haha me malas to explain more waa.. cuz if i do... then this post would be uber long! but naaah! that's it la... and yeaa i oso post less pics liaw ohh!!! hmmm sowi yeaa~~ cuz im really really lazy and moody as well.. due to my hormones laa!! sighh gotta wait a few days later then i will get better~~ huhu :D next time i'll post more k?? huhu~~

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