Tuesday, May 22, 2007

saturday, 19.05.07

playing around with the pie pastry!! ingredients= digestive biscuits, icing sugar, butter

ahhh on saturday, it's baking day again!! as usual, went to razan's place.. but only me, razan and wani present.. leena had to stay ome and revise for her june exam! oooooOOooo wish her best of lucks!! well then... we planned to bake marbled cream cheese pie! and ohh its soooo fattening! but it's once a week sajalar, so it's ok!! haha so then.. we planned to make 2~~

both of them looked like they were competing!! haha i prepare and weigh the ingredients and ask them to mix it by hand!! since the machine broke down~~ huhuu

voilaaa!!! the final step is just to refrigerate it!!! no need to put in oven!!

while waiting for it to freeze... we watched 'blood and chocolate'... a movie that we bought a few months back and never watched!! wahaha i lurve the wolves!! and while watching.. we ate cadbury ice cream caramello o sumthing.. with the extra wipping cream...~~ but halfway through wani had to leave early to prepare her stuffs!
after the movie... left us unsatisfied because of the dum dum main characters~~ and what's worse.. the pie havent hardened yet!! tamparss... but agreed to meet tomorrow and eat the pie tomorrow cuz wan, razan they all have dance practice in kb... and i just went home la... and spent my time sleeping!! hahaha~~~

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