Wednesday, May 2, 2007

monday, 30.04.07

on monday, it was ak. shahizwan's bday....~~ i was still sleeping when he msged me.... saying... 'i'm hungry~~ i want to eat dosai~'... i was like.. ughhh im still asleep laar... and his next few messages had at least the word hungry....! sighh sooo had to wake up and when everything was done.. i still had to wait for more than an hour! goshh... my mom was saying... ' he is soo much slower than a girl laa'.. i'm like... sooo had to sabar.. it's his day after all..! sighhh

steamed chee cheong fun~~~ it was the weirdest chee cheong fun ever eaten!!! made me missed kk's chee cheong fun!!! ughhh

some dim's still good though its not pork.. hmmm must be the flavourings...~
sizzling plate of something.... ughhh looked soooo tasty~~~~~

anywayz... went to smsa to get his testi and stuffs... but it was still not ready yet!! sooo the trip to smsa was a waste..... ah wellz... after that went to wywy kb... and eat.... then i went to do my chores, then picked razan out for lunch in lemongrass... since me and ak. were full.. we just ordered drinks....then sent her back....

razan's heart-shaped rice~~ she tried to split the heart into two but... unsuccessful -_-"

butter milk chicken...~~ we actually ordered one more food but it was not available... so leaving us not feeling too full~~

the three sisters~~~ =P

return of the POET inc.?? hmmmm

julian driving in front!!! was driving soo fast don't know for what...~~

next stop.. was to julian's place to collect my cds... and since~~~~ he was sooooo bored.... and we had nothing to do... we went to kb town again.... and met farah and max... and we actually talked outside a chinese shop blocking people's road... huhuhu... and again since we all had nothing to do.. we went to marilyn to have a drink and ak. ordered a piece of cake.... and all of us sang a birthday song for him!!! we were very loud but not much people around.. so it's okay! then after chatting for some time.. we had the urge to go taman jubilee and play swings!!! soo off we go~~

supposedly to be the cake and the 'enjoy' word.. and farah asked for a candle but they added greetings at the top!!! sooo nice~~~

the birthday boy with his tiramisu cake and his crappacino(i think?)

chilling at taman jubilee~~~

stand up for too looong that we decided to sit down.. my first time doing that!! it's err... romantic?? hehehe

around 4 something, we left and went to supa save for a little while to look at those baking stuffs... hmm don't know why but we kind of into baking liaww... ohh this coming saturday gonna go bake with razan, wani and leena again!! yaaaay!!! oh yeaaa then transfer some anime to him then went back home!! and at night... went out with alicia, sharon and phel at around 9.20pm.... alicia bought her dvds and we went to wywy seria for drinks and chit chat... but had to leave cuz sharon had school the next day and my mom told me to come back early as seria is well.. kind of a dangerous place with pervies lurking around??

me and sharon waiting for alicia outside baiduri bank~~ and stu phel just had to shake his body in front of the security camera placed inside the bank~
wywy's lighting is soooo eerieee~~~ even our pic turned out err red ..

stolen shot

sighh though it was just a short while spending time with alicia.. but ah wellz... in june we have lots of time to catch up!!! yaaaay~~~

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