Friday, May 18, 2007

friday, 18.05.07

ahhh today~~ in the morning, went to tamu with my mom to do some groceries and got ourselves breakfast~ nasi katok and pulut panggang~ yuuum~~ then arnd noon went out with anna and had lunch in kfc.... and jln jln here and there... bought some desserts from the pinoy bakery at the side.. ribonet or something... haha don't know the spelling... then at that time.. it rained!!!! very heavily!!!! sigh spent time browsing through dvds and we were amused by the 'interesting' covers of the audio cds there... specially the wordings~~ huhu~~ then went to soon lee for some grocery shopping for tomorrow's baking session.... the darn gelatin sheets ahh nowhere to be found.. just powder! but there was no smaller package~ sighh... then went to supa save... the same... then to millimewah... worse... there was none... then everywhere in seria also nadai~~ astaa~~~ everyone said sold off~ apalaaarr~~~ soo had to ask razan to buy for me! ssighh.... then went to tamu to get something... but tak jadi since i had so much food at home waiting... mama marah later~~ haha then send anna home... that's it for today larr~~

ooohhhhh i didn't take any pics today ohh~ wahahhaa off day today~ nvmla.. lemme post me posing with the cute bunny (auntie's) :P
chemistry between us~~ err... pls ignore the background!

eeee sooooo faaaat d bunny!!!!

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