Wednesday, May 9, 2007

wednesday, 09.05.07

today went to gym with wani only~~ cuz si leena went dating!! sighh she escaped leaving us both single ppl... spending time.. in gym!! haiyayaa.. well... started from 10.30am til 1.15pm i tink? hmmm after every workout relax for awhile... but nice~~ and yeaa.. cost $5 this time! cuz we came in the morning waa... but doesn't matter lar =)
after gym... distorted faces~~ huhu but we werent tired though... =D

after taking a shower in the gym....~ posing time~

after working out... the lady told us 'jgn makan banyakx2 yea?' huhu... we still eat la... this is wani's roasted chicken~~
my laksa.. but soo disappointed!! cuz its not even hot.. its only warm.. then i asked to guy to panaskan... then waited for awhile... when it came.. it was like the same warm laksa!!! haiyaa duno if they even heat it o not... sigh.. laksa taste good when they are hot waaa...!! but nvmla.. still taste good...~

after chatting awhile in wywy went to supa save and bought ice cream!! err... well we worked out right?? soo its ok~~ whahahaa
hmmmm then wani sent me back and i rest... then my mom took me out to ogdc agn to brisk walk... sigh... now im tired~~

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