Tuesday, May 29, 2007

monday, 28.05.07

ahhhh on monday, went out around noon and picked anna up and did grocery shopping... we couldn't find jacob crackers!!! the original or the sour cream flavour~~ sasatz!! somehow we were hungry.. decided to try the new orchid bla bla.. the one with the chinese chefs... but then!! sooo disappointing and scary and uninviting!! cuz when i parked my car... we saw 2 female wearing a pink short dress with white aprons( thye soo looked like prostitutes) and a male standing so samseng.. and the chef smoking with a teruk facial expression~~ ah wellz.. then sudddenly they close the shop!! haiyooo they duwan to do our business ahh.. ah well.. ended up in mama's delight~

the drinks there are big and cheap!! the taste boleh tahan la... nice to hang out there.. cuz nice atmosphere and music.. nice specially for chit chatting!!!

me laksa($3) and anna macaroni something($3.50).. i think.... the food is ok ok... and the portion is kind of small but just enough... wont feel too full or hungry.. just right la....~~

spend quite some time there then my bro was in nam hua(correct ka) and he saw my car.. and i saw him with his fren yam cha there!! haiyooo don't care him la... then continued grocery shopping... after all that.. went to ogdc jalan jalan to let us digest better~~ huhu but since it was sooo hot.. went into the main building... for aircon!! there were some so called exhibits(consists of pics la) for us to see and browse through the lil shop... there're some things i want to get!! eeee wahahahhaa..

trying to post with sultan's son behind.. huhu

after quite some time we went out jalan jalan again... and saw cats!!! we tried to hunt them down but lost them.. then go jalan jalan again~~ admire the surroundings and chit chat la... then we saw the cats again!! this time with kittens!!!

one of the kittens that is soooo a poser!!! he/she was posing for us puas puas!! soo cute!! wahahahahaa then after a very very very looong time taking its pics... had to go back for dinner liaw!!!

me and anna pose here and there~~

nywayz.. i really enjoyed spending time just like this!!!! cuz at home soo bored... but i really love to do this kind of hang out with the people i love.... sighh.. looking at the sky~~ doing irrelevant stuffs~ i don't need to go anywhere fancy to make me happy!!! wahhaha what the heck me talking liaw~~~ sighh i wonder who i can bring out to hang like this since anna gona start work soon!!! eeeeee *wonder*

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