Tuesday, May 22, 2007

sunday, 20.05.07

razan enjoying her sinful drink! and wani with her healthy watermelon juice! wahahhaahahaha and me ahh being neutral.. drink air suam sja~~

our food!!!

today, me, wani and razan met up, just for the sake of the less successful pie... (sigh) but on the way to my place.. the pie melted a little.. so had to freeze it up... so we went to have lunch in wywy then drove down to nem...but unfortunately!! it was closed!!! sighh so wanted to go to gym... i haven't work out for more than a week liaw.. due to some circumstances... haiyaaa~~

posing around~~

before going back!! the second pic ah... soo idiotic larr... since im short.. both of them tried to bent to let me look taller!! wahahahah what friends are for?? =P

then went around kb town to find a gym.. but err disappointed! so end up in mumong sports complex.... the gym there was not that bad.. since we only have to pay $2! ngam ngam got competition going on there soo it was extremely lively around there... but there were uncle pervies there... sooo scary!! eee luckily it was enjoyable.. since there was music there! hahaha

after 2hrs plus... went back to my place to try the pie... and it was errr satisfactory... i luurve the crust!! but the filling taste weird!! hahah cuz well.. we used the wrong ingredient.. we used cream cheese spread instead of philadelphia cream cheese!! haiyaya.. nvmla.... trial and error maa.. next time... it would be nicer~~ lol! wel.. showed them some pics and they went home! and yeaa i gave my bro to try and he said.. wahhh got 3 taste! sweet, salty and bitter!! wahahahaa well.. its due to the presence of sugar, cheese and cocoa powder!! wahahhaa but he said its acceptable.. yaaay.. a passing mark!! huhuhu

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