Wednesday, May 2, 2007

tuesday, 01.05.07

waiting in the car while my dad took pics around the area~~

wowwww... it's already the month of may!!! sooo fast~~~ one more month then it'll be tengah tahun 2007!!! freaky how fast time flies~~~ hmmm went out with my mom to run some chores and met my dad in kb and went for lunch.....i had laksa!!!! yaaaaay!!!! my lurve~~~~ on the way back home... i was talking about clouds with my mom... it's really soooo refreshing to look at clouds... they never have the same shape... sighhh my love for clouds~~


then at night... my parents went to a party and my brother was not back yet.. leaving me alone and bored~~ soo messaged alicia if she is free and messaged ak a bored face~~ then both replied.... soo i thought of intro them both since both are my close friends.... and when ak. picked me up and reached wywy kb... alicia baru then told me she malas to go out... haaaaizz... soo then we ordered food.. but the service was sooo darn sloooww.... ak had to like go to the front to call a waitress..... i didn't eat.. because when they messaged i was already eating butter milk bun and almond tea.... soo was full liaw~~~

the lighting around a corner of wywy... nice atmosphere~~

black pepper beef~

the steamed chicken chee cheong fun... it came like half an hour later after the black pepper beef... sooo slooooww...

i've never been to wywy at night.. and it looked nice!!! lights around the trees~~~

after we finished, he sent me back and my mom was furious and said she won't ever let me go out at night anymore... because~~~~~ there was this pot and i forgot to turn off the fire!!!!! haiyaaaaa sooooo careless of me!!!! im sooo teruk!! what if there's fire? im such an idiot!! ah wellz... i have to be more alert laarrr *depressed*

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