Thursday, May 3, 2007

thursday, 03.05.07

yesterday, nothing much.. just watched anime... keroro gunsou is sooo cute~~ haha.. at first i thought it was just some froggies but they were cute!! huhu... then at night went to seria mee stall to eat thai food... hmmmm somehow it was not as good as before... and my dad ordered satay...but beef out of stock!!! just chicken and the urat~~ nyaman~~~ both satay and the kuah~~~ yuuum~~~~

then today went out with anna~~ suppose to company her for lunch but just realised only this morning that she quit her job...haiyaaa sooo wrong timing... anywayz she lanja me the new kfc 'rice thingy' the one they advertise saying,'no eat rice ah?' huhuu the rice is good!! but couldn't finish the chicken because was kind of full~~ but satisfying~~~ and yeahhh she got herself a new phone~~~ niceee!!!

no eat rice ah??? got!!! bought two sets again ohhh~~~ huhuhu

after eating, went around kb town finding for stuffs... anna able to buy the movie series she wanted and me empty handed as usual~~ but tried on a skirt which was nice!! but then.... it's kind of a little too short for me.. my mom surely will murder me if i wear such skirt... but nice wa... sigh... nooo~~~ i have to save money!!! then after jalan jalan... got 4 parking tickets.. sooo banyak... but didn't realise time passed by soo fast....
posing at the beach

me taking anna's pic... but i forgot to change back the camera's setting...

anna took a pic of me!

after that went to taman jubilee to play the swings~~ yaaaay...~~~ but after a while both of us felt dizzy~~ then chit chat for a while sitting on the swing, but when i stood up, my butt like soo sakit... -_-" then went to julian's place to return his cds which he mistakenly gave it together with my cds on monday... then chat for a while... next destination was seria!!! company her to trim her hair and her eyebrows done.... while waiting, i was watching this tv2 airing filipino movie... errr... so intense!!! but its okay~~~ able to spend my time doing something...~~

=P don't marah anna~

after that went to ogdc.... and see see look look the miniature buildings there... saw ak there also.. like duh~~ he works there waa~~ ah wellz... me and anna took pics around... played at the playground... walked the tracks there.... and admire the fishes there for quite some time... because sooo cute waaaa!!! then yeaah... went back!

inside the 'cave'... i mean the smsa miniature building~~

the cute hungry lil' fishes!!

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