Tuesday, May 29, 2007

dedicated to my family

yesterday on sunday, nothing much happen... only thing i kept gilaing with my sis... and officially by night~~ im back to my old self!!! i have been moody for the past few days/weeks.. and now thinking about it... what the heck was i doing????? i could have enjoy life more but i prevented myself from it~ sighh... but i was sooo glad im back to my old self.... and i think i annoyed one of my friend cuz i keep asking questions since i was curious and just cracked up~~ wahahahhaa i love my sis alot~~~ ehhh noo..... i looove my family alot!!!!!

dad- though i always mistreat you(in terms of talking, i love to talk back to him in a sarcastic way~~) i really do syg you though you may syg ur camera more~~ wahhaha true kan??? huhu kidding laa.. a very carefree daddy and please... stop smoking waaaa!!! hehee

mom- wooow... one of the most influential person in my life... who taught me sooo many things and mould me into what i am now.... though you looked soo fierce but i know everything you did was for the best of us, the 3 'crocodiles' of Leong family~~ i'm sorry that i always make you worried.... and i hope in near future i can tell you that i love you~

sis- my dearest sis~~~ my so called 'twin'(lots of ppl thought we were twins)... whom ppl thought im older than you!! sigh... lazy girl in terms of housework but rajin to push me to do stuffs.. when i annoy her...she is very patient with me!!hahaha that's why i love to annoy her~~

bro- sometimes he has attitude problem that we quarrel but when he is nice... oh boy... he is sooooo nice~~ its hard to hate him fully!! wahahaha his english is the best in the family and he knows how to socialise more.. i think??

huhuhu i sooo cant express my love for my family in words... but yeaa i love them!!! mwaks to u all~~~~

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