Tuesday, May 29, 2007

saturday, 26.05.07

today is baking day at razan's place again!!! but then... somehow we were getting lazy at baking that we had no recipe or any idea what to bake~~ with the help of razan's cookbook.. decided to make custard!! yuuum~~ we started baking really late that we were sooo hungry and ended up cooking maggi mee!! and i ate the most... BECAUSE!! wani gave me most of her mee~~ wahahha it made me happy though~~ X-D

make caramel~ but we were kind of slow that some caramel hardened(pic above~) ohhh making caramel was sooo slow, taking around 20 minutes.. we thought we cant even accomplish even the simpliest thing~~ sighh

maggi mee curry with little soup...~ just the way i love it!!! wahahahha

when we boil the thickened cream and milk... it overflowed~~ hahaha luckily the stove convinient for cleaning~~

waiting for custard to cook~~ were in razan's room and see them 3 practise dancing for some special function~~~ then relax, took pics~~

when almost time.. went to check the custard... and it became like a ball!!! sooo weird!!! whahahaa but it tasted soooo good!! specially when we add extra maple syrup!!! yuuum!!

another batch of properly shaped custard~~ this one with caramel at the bottom!!! oooo remind me of egg tart!! but we missed out one word in the recipe.. that is... has to put it in the fridge OVERNIGHT!!!! aiyoyoyoooo teruk we all~~ it's due to our malasness that we malas to read and bake~~ ughh....

went to gym after baking... without wanilina since they had to buy gift for their mama~~ after gym.. razan met her fren and had this cuuuute lil' tortoise~~~ and it really can walk fast!!

on the way back.. noticed this extremely cute lil single cloud in the sky... hmmmm wonder why?? huhu
spend the night with my sis.. and my parents came back from farewell run..which means more drinking and more eating~~ and now i really malas go hash liaw.... cuz soo stressful and costly~~ wahahahaha... what for soo susah payah to exercise in the forest when i can just brisk walk in ogdc?? hahaha.. but hashing is really really good for body la... hmmm next time la.. when i have the mood.. :p

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