Monday, July 28, 2008

orientation starts

ok.... n agn my reasons for not updating...(unforgivable act~ XD) first.. somehow...i couldnt log into my bloggie in the lab of FOS!!!! @_@ second... haven been back have time LONG enough to go online... gaaaarrr... third... haven been resizing the pics.... hafta resize la.. o else how my blog survive this~ XD ahhhhhh many reasons til i 'paiseh' to say.... i can feel its been quite a while i haven update! sorry ppl!.....

we girls.... do work on sunday u know.... sunday~~~ from hostel to the office in ubd.. gaah~ but nice...cuz we work in crowd..~ =) but still... we sooo gona work our a** off this week due to last min usual! hah~ lotsa things to complain..but i wont do it here...=)

for ur information... am busy with orientation stuffs la... UBD ORIENTATION!!!! it was nice la..first day... soooo many ppl on first day!!!!! kinda tiring but fun~ shall update bout them soon ppl!!!!

the rescorians with some volunteers...~ hahaha im the red one in the centre~ hehe still ppl couldnt get use to me in tudong?? gaaah seen me owedi in tat wat!!!!haha maybe its been awhile... ah wells...ppl...dun be surprised yea? XD

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

first three days of july...

extremely lucky.... to have first time accident outside my place... after how many years me living there.... sigh....road too smooth wa...hahha

see the impact? even that hard bumper of the old land cruiser kna antam tat badly...sigh..lotsa ppl arnd... n looked at the mess.... haha

poor toyota~ newly bought car n got into an accident~ memang syok eh~ @_@
i love this~ sooo nyaman~ hahaha

met fish alicia n her bf for the first time~ hahaa lama no see them~ =)

when to ubd the next day to start sumthing... hehee checkin for spareparts...

technicians guiding us in the 'sauna' room at the top of fos building~

the top of the lift!!! hahaha i sakai looking at one... so anyone who wants to drop the lift.. u can cut the string here...@_@ i dont recommend it... just suggesting...=D

hehe cute sign~~

view from where we were.... nice la standing at top of FOS... gaah got one...hafta climb the stairs lagi...nicer view! u can even see the ocean with different colours~ n trees~ XD

listenin to dr frank's idea on the robot...

then the boys all went for lunch leaving me n azri... i didn go cuz overly full with guys.. n two.. stomach not well at all... hehe... azri~ wat u looking at?

what was i lookin at too? XD

sis called.... abit shocked... tot wat... went out to see 'halo' - 'a round rainbow' witht the sun in the centre.... i cudnt see the full circle cuz it was second time seeing it... first time.. was a full one... in either form 4 or 5.... tat time.. we girls sakai.. mcam doomsday~ haha or ufo come conquerin our planet...XD

ahhh the lamp post agn.. haha i guess i like the lamp post...

smile smile ppl~ hehe

looong last our lunch arrived... chicken rice from shikai...not bad la.. hehe thanx liang..

the boys startin their work..~haha semangat nyaa... making the wheel for the robot...XD

just wana take this pic of this pretty coloured thingy than its usual green ones... =D

colouring contest!! hahahaha me liang n oz challeging~~

of course its mine the nicest one laaa XD i very the concentrate laa.... btw this is H bridge... gona do this later in our seniors do this wa..

haha liang~~~ he loves the red head thingy sooo much~ hahaha.. n we all agreed he looked soo cute... hahhaa

oz's contribution n love for liang~ xD naaah we bored abit..hafta unwind n relax waa...

advertising his shoes? i mean liang.. hehe...he wear this everytime..his fav~

drove up the next day... n traffic jam near bkt shahbandar! haaah shocked me..tot got accident o wat...

loootsa police bikes lagitu... duno wat.. tot its like mayb got some function o wat.... haha i love kaypoh n take pics tho i duno the story...haha

seemed like they were tryin to catch speeding vehicles?? but er... at time n place arnd there to catch their prey? .....why?? @_@

in ubd...wasehh... lotsa glass in the kotak...!

the glass came from the feel down..duno how it happened... ah wells.. luckily no one was hurt..=)

my new hostel room for the week in F3!!! i love it...seriously.. it was peaceful, safe n jus nice~ tho my first night i couldnt really sleep.. but later on.. it was just sooo nyaman! of the motor for the machine.... hehe just showin it.. hmm... but sumhow i dont really contribute into this competition... haha bz la abit...gaah~

went lunch... at giant food court... the above pic looks good? but it tasted just ok... nuthin special... it jus fills ur tummy.. pricing sama jua ehh~ haa

bjfa meeting.. hahaha this pic.. kinda cute~spontaneous emotions? =D

ok... back homeeeee~~~ hahaha takin while car moving...i like the feeling of it tho~ hahaha ah wells... this time.. i typed less words...jus cuz im lazy... plus its not new anymore... so yea... =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

updates 'ditangguh' =P

ahhh i haven been apologies.. just tat.. im now at hostel... n worst of all.. cant detecct any wave signal.. n i cant even use my mobile as modem...cuz am currently using my sis laptop... n somehow..after install.. i still couldn go online.. n been bz lately...such as?? hanging out~ XD n err also no mood to update...cuz... sick atm.. shoot la.. dunola.. mayb cuz new hostel surroundings... got dust here n there... thus i kinda fall sick? ah wells.. i tink i can update soon.. i try k? ba... wish me get better ppl!! XD


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long Live His Majesty~

Happy 62nd Birthday, His Majesty!!! =D photos taken by dad during His Majesty's visit to KB in 1996! looked thru older albums n saw them...=)

i posted this pic...cuz... kawaii~ =D

ahhh common to see His Majesty shaking hands with His people.. but rare in any other countries.. the people loves him so..=D me too! me too! XD

nywayz... on the day of HM's birthday.... we had resco meeting... thus ak. picked me up arnd noon then go for meeting... sigh..malas to go for meeting..specially on a special day like today~ suppose to chill at home with family.. ah wells... after meeting...pindah some stuffs from one hostel block to another block... then went to le taj for dinner... n i drove us home using ak.'s car.. waseeehh... strainin my eyes to focus... haha first time driving at night from bandar back home wa.. n tired...=P ah wells...

16, 17,19 july!!! supp papers!!! people!!! best of luck!!!!!!!! =D

Monday, July 14, 2008

robotech meeting

a day before... dad opened the canned longan.. took some.. then add yam ice cream n topped it with abit of milo~ XD

okok... robotech bla bla.. @_@ on monday, 30th june... had to go ubd to see ms voo to find more info on it.. 3 per team... n we r still unsure bout the team..cuz some ppl busy during the holidays wa.. so we dun care bout our team.. wats more important is... finishing them...~

in ms voo office... we were like flooding her office... n ahh...we decide only one grp to join the micromouse competition where the motor shud b able to finish the track by using sensors n etc etc..~ n the other is gladiator of two categories: 5kg n 10kg... where the robot is able to engage in battle with the other robot n defeat it to win or to enter the enemy's territory first or any robots that fall into the restricted area first...loses... so yea... still not confirm who is which grp first la..

with the help n guidance of mr ong... we try to 'do' it la.. n our team not fixed yet..cuz scared that the event might be postponed to some other then the seniors might fly off to uk owedi.. so everything's a blur~ @_@

time for a late lunch!!in tph in batu bersurat.. here is ang ang n sui chieh~engaging in such heated conversation of i duno wat~ XD

n there's liang n ling.. soo lovey dovey together~

n there's teh c with shan with her food in background~ XD n oh yeaaa... when u are eating with like 3 ppl from belait.. n 4 bandar ppl.... u get to notice something~

such as.,... look at the plates of belait ppl...well more precisely.. org seria.. we eat leaving some of our rice behind~

bandar ppl??? they eat everything!!! leaving no traces of rice behind!! haha kna complained by em... asking y we dun abis them? n they concluded tat the place we stayed in is like rich with oil.. thus we rich... @_@ gaaah~ no such thing~ hahaha

back in lab... had to type a letter for applyin to stay in hostel in advance! n while waiting it to be printed.. bro b there~ the usual happy guy~ XD

hahaa wanio drew this... stressed out studying ah~ n azri drew some more..the eyebags n the headband saying 'Fighto!' hehe

soooo..where should we start discussing??? how should we design?? where can we find the 'ingredients' for the robots?! *toot toot toot* XD eeerrrr...sigh.... we needed some time la... @_@

someone's bored n played with the metallic strap of my camera.... caught u!

his newly bought red psp.. n his D40..

we left the lab early... to find for aewon... to discuss bout the baju.. n we went to the old one... it was... freaky~~ i was like.. why the stairs so dusty ?? impossible the shop here laa.... then we knocked on the door... n like calling out..'hello??' nobody answered.. gah.. we were all like this..O.O haaah where all the ppl?? there's still things layin arnd~~

on the door got all these... got hashers' bajus~ n others... nywayz went down n ask the bakery ppl... the auntie said its been abandoned 2 months.. gahh.. we very d err scared.. later cursed how?? XD ahh there's this pic..of a face sprayed on the wall.. shocked me abit...n i didn post it.. hmm~

our trip to the new aewon~~ its in a place where we totally have no idea tat it would be there...XD

there it is..~ haha~ susah go find it...~ hah! n there we ventured n found~ ehehehe our driver, liang.. big thanx for ur patience n willingness to drive so far...~ hahaha

nquiring bout shirts prices with this guy... hmm duno his name.. the namecard with liang... hehehe nywayz... he is such a nice guy to talk to.. hahha....

the ppl making more bajus~ work work work~

oz!!! y u standing next to the gate with a shy smile? u enough dating jua>??? ahh..maybe tats y u shy~ XD

after runding..n knowing the prices.. we balik~~~ hahha duno y we soo er.... happy? XD