Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long Live His Majesty~

Happy 62nd Birthday, His Majesty!!! =D photos taken by dad during His Majesty's visit to KB in 1996! looked thru older albums n saw them...=)

i posted this pic...cuz... kawaii~ =D

ahhh common to see His Majesty shaking hands with His people.. but rare in any other countries.. the people loves him so..=D me too! me too! XD

nywayz... on the day of HM's birthday.... we had resco meeting... thus ak. picked me up arnd noon then go for meeting... sigh..malas to go for meeting..specially on a special day like today~ suppose to chill at home with family.. ah wells... after meeting...pindah some stuffs from one hostel block to another block... then went to le taj for dinner... n i drove us home using ak.'s car.. waseeehh... strainin my eyes to focus... haha first time driving at night from bandar back home wa.. n now..im tired...=P ah wells...

16, 17,19 july!!! supp papers!!! people!!! best of luck!!!!!!!! =D

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