Monday, July 14, 2008

robotech meeting

a day before... dad opened the canned longan.. took some.. then add yam ice cream n topped it with abit of milo~ XD

okok... robotech bla bla.. @_@ on monday, 30th june... had to go ubd to see ms voo to find more info on it.. 3 per team... n we r still unsure bout the team..cuz some ppl busy during the holidays wa.. so we dun care bout our team.. wats more important is... finishing them...~

in ms voo office... we were like flooding her office... n ahh...we decide only one grp to join the micromouse competition where the motor shud b able to finish the track by using sensors n etc etc..~ n the other is gladiator of two categories: 5kg n 10kg... where the robot is able to engage in battle with the other robot n defeat it to win or to enter the enemy's territory first or any robots that fall into the restricted area first...loses... so yea... still not confirm who is which grp first la..

with the help n guidance of mr ong... we try to 'do' it la.. n our team not fixed yet..cuz scared that the event might be postponed to some other then the seniors might fly off to uk owedi.. so everything's a blur~ @_@

time for a late lunch!!in tph in batu bersurat.. here is ang ang n sui chieh~engaging in such heated conversation of i duno wat~ XD

n there's liang n ling.. soo lovey dovey together~

n there's teh c with shan with her food in background~ XD n oh yeaaa... when u are eating with like 3 ppl from belait.. n 4 bandar ppl.... u get to notice something~

such as.,... look at the plates of belait ppl...well more precisely.. org seria.. we eat leaving some of our rice behind~

bandar ppl??? they eat everything!!! leaving no traces of rice behind!! haha kna complained by em... asking y we dun abis them? n they concluded tat the place we stayed in is like rich with oil.. thus we rich... @_@ gaaah~ no such thing~ hahaha

back in lab... had to type a letter for applyin to stay in hostel in advance! n while waiting it to be printed.. bro b there~ the usual happy guy~ XD

hahaa wanio drew this... stressed out studying ah~ n azri drew some more..the eyebags n the headband saying 'Fighto!' hehe

soooo..where should we start discussing??? how should we design?? where can we find the 'ingredients' for the robots?! *toot toot toot* XD eeerrrr...sigh.... we needed some time la... @_@

someone's bored n played with the metallic strap of my camera.... caught u!

his newly bought red psp.. n his D40..

we left the lab early... to find for aewon... to discuss bout the baju.. n we went to the old one... it was... freaky~~ i was like.. why the stairs so dusty ?? impossible the shop here laa.... then we knocked on the door... n like calling out..'hello??' nobody answered.. gah.. we were all like this..O.O haaah where all the ppl?? there's still things layin arnd~~

on the door got all these... got hashers' bajus~ n others... nywayz went down n ask the bakery ppl... the auntie said its been abandoned 2 months.. gahh.. we very d err scared.. later cursed how?? XD ahh there's this pic..of a face sprayed on the wall.. shocked me abit...n i didn post it.. hmm~

our trip to the new aewon~~ its in a place where we totally have no idea tat it would be there...XD

there it is..~ haha~ susah go find it...~ hah! n there we ventured n found~ ehehehe our driver, liang.. big thanx for ur patience n willingness to drive so far...~ hahaha

nquiring bout shirts prices with this guy... hmm duno his name.. the namecard with liang... hehehe nywayz... he is such a nice guy to talk to.. hahha....

the ppl making more bajus~ work work work~

oz!!! y u standing next to the gate with a shy smile? u enough dating jua>??? ahh..maybe tats y u shy~ XD

after runding..n knowing the prices.. we balik~~~ hahha duno y we soo er.... happy? XD

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