Wednesday, July 9, 2008

people i met in phg~

PANAGA HIGHLAND GAMES!!!!!!! there were of course many ppl i know la from hash... but then ahh...he was the first friend i saw~ hahhaa bob~ XD didnt know he is in sks wood..waseh semangat he joined the phg....~

this... chai chin liang?? haha lama nada see him~ we didn tegur...cuz.. duno he remember me or not...XD ah wells... joined pan bright punya group.. should be la..

ahhh!!! shoot.. forgot his name @_@ he used to stay in the church(haaah!! ok im confused... might be ...lama tak jumpa wa...).... gahh... i really lupa... hahaha... but yea.. glad to see someone familiar around tho.. =p

edward and eileen~ totally surprised! was takin pics arnd..when they just tagured... wahh... another ppl i know~ XD excited~~ hehee chit chat awhile... hehehe glad they r okaai~ =)

i duno his name spelling ah.. ah nam.. fa nam? hmmm not a fren of his..but a fren of a fren of his.. haha so some of my fren might able to see how he is now.. hehe.... he has long hair.. not tat long la.. btw.. tat hittin thingy... hmmm... =p

mrs rani!!! st angela tcher.... she used to teach n guide me for the explomaths competition before.. hehe her trademark? any students she taught o any students next to the room she taught in....know her voice...=D kinda missed tat voice..ah wells.. she was volunteerin in the rotary club selling cotton candy i guess... the time i saw it.. it was closing owedi.. =/

then then then las but not least.... wei kee, suk chin n carmen n one more girl i duno~ hahahhaa wei kee spotted me! was takin pics agn.. haha im tat ignorant wa..... XD but yea... glad to see them.. specially suk chin... lama no see her.. missed the times in form 6.. she many things to tok about.. hahha... n duno y we jus ngam like tat... n i think she n yee jan got some resemblance...=D

ah wells.. other than other.... that's all i saw..-_- mayb i didn go at the right timing ahh... hahaha... ah wells.. upcomin posts! more about phg!!! =D hafta see if my tahap of rajin high or not ahh??? XD

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