Sunday, July 13, 2008

PHG 08!!!

ahh..panaga highland games... on 28th June 08.. sorry to only update bout it by now...=) was arnd errrm 10 something? dad came home n brought mom n me there... to support the hashers n also...our usual past time... kepoh-ing~ XD

XD helicopter display~~~~ sakai!! hahahhaa btw that day was really hot... but perfect for events like this... =) time for tanning!

welcome banner to those who came from this direction... =D

more banners around~ there there...KBH4 camp! n the neighbour..sks wood~

just in time to see tug-of-war~ hehee i love the tshirt.... cute~~

saw this leng moi pulling the chairs... duno to where....

she was still there after few minutes.... wondering where to go or something? gah.. dont get me wrong... i like the colours she was having.. dreen, pink, blue, etc etc.... not tat im stalking...duh its part of my part time job..=D ok.. kidding...

mom with her new baju... with the supplier.. haha.. but very ksian mom was.. tat's size S... n its ang mo's size.. thus... BIG for her~ where as dad? chinese size L i guess.. at tat time.. dun haf his size.. thus.. too sexy for him~ showing his curves n hills n mountains..@_@

bob with his signature look~ XD hahhaa nah that's him 'thumbs up' for his performance in pgh..~ i was a lil mean... cuz i saw him ran.. n i didn know it was him.. then when i saw him... i was like.. ooowwwwhh its u running!! no wonder.... so familiar!! XD

i like to see her... mcam mermaid!! for me la... she is like tall...slim... nice cultural? baju... with her hair like tat la.. ahh.. n she has a kid....i guess.. the boy in blue... @_@ wasehh.,.. tall slim slender..... gaar...*envious* XD

dad-> hah u ahh!! y u suddenly change baju?? n same with him also ah?? ma-> a? u jealous ka? u the one duwan to use the same baju with me also? now blame me? guy-> im innocent~~ dont pull me into the conversation~*hides behind dad*

hmmm other supporters~~ n was hot hot hot~ everyone's covering as much as they can~

ahh... pretty girl~ with freckles lagi..cute~ haha me sakai~ n she was like looking at the tali? i was actually hoping she would look at me.. n pierce me with her eyes~ *ouch* XD

time for our female hashers to challenge... BUT.... see the size of their opponents??? n look the size of our hashers?(mixed with other grp's females...cuz not enough female hashers to join it)... the verdict? try make a guess~ =)

yep they didn stand a chance... hehehe.. bowh headmistress marah marah owedi... XD *unfair la unfair* XD

a look-alike monk passed by... be calm hashers.. be calm n things will turn out for the better...

*moments later* men's turn for the competition..... dad->@_@ gasp!!! what is this i see?

goshhh....!! ive never seen anythin like it! we r like....doomed~~

hahaha their opponent... big sized n muscular! specially their big boss... mcam hulk hogan!(isat the correct spelling? -_- err childhood memory of wwf wrestlers...XD) hhahaa so intimidating la..

one of the hashers' secret weapon of wearing safety boots(cuz of its good grip on the ground) also wont b able to help them win~

even bribing them didn work!! hehee yellow-> c'mon... we r still frens right? take it easy on us~~ black-> naah.... we shall exert full effort! dont hold hold my hand ahh!! =p

n so the match began...with lotsa yelling(both excitement n stress)...verdict?

the emcee~ -> ahhhh an easy win!!! won by...~~~*dramatic orchestra-like soundtrack*

need i say more? look at their expressions!! XD nevertheless... they had fun....=)

the 4 muscular guys->oowwh... when's our turn to 'clobber' them all? @_@

ah wells.. after the lost of hashers...went jalan jalan n saw the things they sold tat day.... not bad not bad..i wanted the red one!!! but dun haf my size!!! its big looor... so nada bali... geraaaam.. i want i want~~X(

the temporary shop... gaaah... seriously.. i like their baju design...X( hahaha fine fine.. its just any other baju la.. dun think too much of it lck!!

okok.. time to see the stalls being set up tat day... gaaah... too late for me to see azura.. she left home!! whereas me... taking time..looking arnd.. it was not bad at all..even the sun thought that way..thus it sent its friendly rays and friends(the clouds) to company us...

the batallion, royal gurkha rifles logo~ got umbrella, tshirts... n i didn get them... fine... next time la next time!

ahhh orchid room restaurant!!! i have always wanted to try this place out... n i still havent... gaaar~ even when got the stall.. i didn get myself any too~ XD hmmm~ nywayz.. the place where the food stalls were.... it smelled real great! filled with yummy aromaaa~

tables n chairs for u to sit down n relax n enjoy~ if me.. i wouldnt do that.. i had absorbed more than enough vitamin d... i duwan take more risk than i had...XD

hmmm summing up.. i didn try any food at all!! haha..cuz was full before i went there.. n this nachos locos... seemed tempting..ah wells.. wats past is past..i can live without it... @_@ okay...the smell now is 'lingering' somewhere~~noo dont haunt me~ X(

some of their logo~~hmm took pics of them for fun~ hehe

i like the banner..someway..XD n was a lil bored...took this pic behind the goal post... tat explains the whitey stuff thingy~

guess its suppose to be a machine that bumps sumthin? @_@ got rubber pad here n there... n its abandoned... like duh~ look at all those greeneries arnd~ XD

pic taken by dad... ah wells.. ksian her... she was tryin her best to get herself to cross that plank... her dad n bro crossed it.. n she was left there... n her dad encouraged her to cross it.. then she stood there for quite awhile... then her dad asked her bro to help her cross the plank... but before he did... she slowly walked across it.. ahh... ksian..but an admirable act from dad... from my point of view..teaching her to be independant~

of course have to be as safe as possible... bomba on standby!

then time to balik agn... arnd 12 something.. cuz dad had to send us back.. n he balik kerja... hahaha.. semangat daddy~

gaaah.. fluffy clouds~~ n shoot.. i didn get myself cotton candy... @_@

around 4 something.. we went back there agn... n just enough time to see them passing free gifts to the kids... it was just small bags la.. but kids were happy.. n the hashers were happy distributing them~

whoa.. our boss for the day... totally red face due to overly sun exposure...~ haha..n not really cuz he was drinkin 'Tiger' la.. =)

time for cool drinks to cool us down...~ interesting drinks around tho~ hahaha~

a blue n a red drink~ XD very cooling.. i like the blue one...ah 2 bucks per drink btw..

bouncers!!! many varieties of bouncers!! n the kids were bouncing here n there n runnin here n there n im envious.. i really do!! i wana plaaaay~~ i mished playin them~ ahh... the last time i played was..water bouncer actually..last year.. hehe.. n i had fun... XD

owwh lil boy~ alone on top of the bouncer?? =D

the posers~ ehehe~ thanx for few pieces of the fries...~~

ahhh.. this seemed so fun~~ if there's someone wana play with me...mayb i would!.. but bahaya la.. me wear specs owh...*reasons reasons reasons* -__-

gaaarrrghh!! beaten!!! landed on the bouncy bouncy colourful bouncer...

when... when is my turn?? hmmmm~

still playing! the two kids...totally semangat playin that! leaving no chance to ppl! XD

cute~ mama takin pic of her lil one... n her lil one posed... n the lil boy must b secretly wanting to take pics as well~

parents.... resting in camp...from the unforgiving sun...

ah.. missed them perform.... they sooo 'yao ying' looking...XD full uniform wa...~

owwh... =D berjln jln arnd? need company? XD hmmm.. i guess i cuci mata thru the lens...@_@

n dependable securities~ in full uniform too~ =D good job! good job!(the way hancock said it~)

kids playin in a mini man made pool~ 'muddy' ehh~ XD.. few years back.. i tried playin it... just before sliding down.. the guy put abit of shampoo onto my head n messed my hair abit n push me down~ @_@..but nice to play..=)

gaaah~~ papa n daughter~~ so cute, adorable, sweet~

then when takin their pics.. saw the sky... its really lawa when in reality... XD

there there... from where i took the pic above... the girls were at the other end.. noticed me..~ hahaa.. suk chin still shy from cameraa~~ whereas wei friendly..!

ahhh... from far away... saw the kid rolling...on the ground..n kinda calling for mommy...

n he saw me... n looked at me.. more like looking at the lenses i guess... =) sigh.. y i find them so adorable? =)

ahhh tradition!! rarely seen~ specially outside in streets or something... but that's the thing here in pgh... can wear anythin u like~ no restrictions.... from cultural bajus to bikini top with short pants... =D

prize giving ceremony! so cozy looking... with ppl sitting down so relaxing-ly~ hmmm i love to try sitting there n watch a movie projected onto this huuge white screen with lotsa ppl...~ =D

happy smiles receiving their medals~~

i like to see her~ hahha hmm.. i nid to hunt pants like tat... ah wells.. overall i like her simplicity~ her hair tied like tat..still pretty lookin~ XD

not all the time girls la.. naaaah boys for ur eyes~ isit ok?? i tink among the winners.. they were from younger age grps.. should be ok one la...kan?

lay back n relax~ that's life~ =) part of it.. that is... XD

papaaaa~~~ showing belly?? but this baju..lucky! didn really show his fats much~ good for u XD

overall female champion... shoot...forgot their name.... wasit...royal batallion? boowh..@_@

its me! posing with the hat(belongin to one auntie) hahah~ no comment...

guys overall champion! hehe dun rush dun rush.. one medal each~~~ take them properly~

whoooaaa overall champion for the day!!!!!nice~~ red everywhere~ XD

time for the closing ceremony... performed by the band... ahh... nice nice...~

ready to march~~~

played a few songs.. n not bad not bad... nice to hear... =)

dad posing with helicopter!if he stand more onto the right.. it would seem like... his cap has ....long sticks sticking out! XD

me turn me turn~ ahh wearing sleeveless.. insane ? nah.. just hyper n wore it for tat day... nywayz.. gona sweaaat alot.. so y not...? =)

ready to take off! they sorta kept us a distance away... n we waited really lama for it to take of..

ahh.,.. the guy standin on top of the helicopter as pointed with the blue arrow.. he captured the ppl's attention? hehe... sigh.. i think.. i love making stories out of pictures... hmm i shud put a disclaimer soon... some pics r fictional...? @_@

ahh this pic is blur... sooo syg!!! myt b me takut take ppl pics on purpose? wat purpose? i like the design..of the bicycle attached to the lil carriage thingy... n a kid safely resting inside...=D

ahhh helicopter taking off~~~ yaaay the moment we all were waiting for... like...a loooong time~~ wohoooo~~

its up!! omigoshiiieeee~~ (XD being alil too emosi here... no wa... i admit... im very very sakai...~ )

now now.. dont bang the pole.. dont bang...X( ...

*toot toot toot*

sorry for this looong post...u can see.. not much wording here... implying.. im a lil too lazy owedi... nevertheless....hopefully u ppl enjoy the pics...=)

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