Monday, July 7, 2008

no hashing this week..=(

i didn folo parents to go hash on tues... on got work.. on friday... we went.. but halfway thru??? car got prob!!! no more water inside! cuz the gauge not tightenend properly... thus leaked... haaa... so waste waste watse time... til... tak jadi go hash... =( we stayed abit at the dustbin area.. hehee.. n was bored while dad was bz fixing the car... n took pics arnd~ haha

went back car n sat n look arnd... hahahaa im totally bored....malas listen to mp3~

dad doing some 'show'~ XD hehehe dad cudnt do the clamping properly .. he even broke one of the keys he used as pivot... luckily not the important key.. so yea.. got enuf water to travel along labi road n asked for equipments form the hasher... n fixed! ok..balik rumah... -_- no exercise done~~ haa...~ *deprived of moving arnd* XD

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