Sunday, July 6, 2008

out with sharon

on 26.06, arnd noon time... sharon came picked me up~ went to wax her legs n did abit of her eyebrows....

wats inside the liquid? i asked the lady.. n said its wax, honey n other 'secret' ingredients~ hahaha i was enjoying the 'show'~ nywayz... after tat..was spose to go eat at excapade.. but ended up...didn go.. but to jln n browsing for gifts.... n didn get any... cuz nuthin much nice~ n went to dq ate ice cream on the spot.. it was cool~ nice laa~~ nyaman kaliahh~~..was still a lil sick.. but no worries~ XD

after ice cream.. went to ogdc....just for the toilet..XD n walked arnd.. sharon played the swing whereas me...captured by these cute colours~ hehe

*gasp* solar eclipse? or its the sun? XD ahhhahahaha~

sharon climbing up the rope to rescue me!!! XD she was like..stop taking pictures of me!! XD hahaha wat to do.. ur the only person around meXD

climbed up the mini tower... n saw the view... no nice clouds tat day... boring abit... hhehehe

i want bright blue sky with fluffy clouds ~ hahaha... n hmmm ogdc ogdc.... no change arnd~ but its sorta one of the interesting places to go in seriaa~ XD

owwwh stolen pic of her~~now then i notice... i should have taken her shadow along too! haaa~~ pretty kan this sharon? XD

otw back down from the tower...handed sharon my cam.. n she took this.. hahaha~shyshy aaah~ abit explicit(due to short pants... luckily cant see inside..too dark! XD)...but i like the pic... XD

*gasp* so dark with a foreign object theere~~~where have we gone this time?? a spaceship??

n n n .... a person with the eyes that have 'killing aura'! hehehehe sharon~~ jgnta maraah~~ ur will be always in one of the many chambers in my heart~XD

hehehe wywy seriaa~~~ baruta now we went to eat... sharon had roti telur.. n kaya sandwich..whereas me.. wanton soup n kaya sandwich..thanx sharon for the sandwich!

haha i guessed im obsessed with ur legs~ XD overly shining~ hahaha... n after makan..we went to billion barrel... n walked quite a distance along the beach.... we even took off our flip flops n walked towards the water tat our feet rendam inside... haha nice feeling... n then.. saw some ppl playin in the water... n there was this part..where 3 guys play together... n one of them..wore black underwear!!! @_@ n he was in such disturbing position that me n sharon had to avoid looking at them..-_- spent quite some time walking.. its really refreshing.. after tat..went to wash up our legs

sharon's new phone!!!but she put it in her pocket with her car keys... n thus... scratched~n she very the sad~ hmm~~ n another thing... her car wouldnt start up!! battery went dead~ ~_~

she called her mom who in turn called her bro to help us out... there was this gurkha guy wanted to help..but his wire was overly short tat couldnt help us at all.. then we asked him to gola.. since sharon's bro was coming.. while waiting..took some pics...

the sky~~ sigh~ i love the 'dancing' clouds~ =) soft..warm..fuzzy~ gaaah *cuddles self* XD hahaha im over reacting~~then sharon's bro came n brought us back.. cuz he had to go for party.. so by night time.. they got the car back n safe~ =) still enjoyed it!

ahhh refreshed myself with this drink~not bad la... tastes good... haha go get it ppl~~=p

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