Thursday, July 3, 2008

i see other ppl

on tuesday... koibito came down n we went to see at lunch time then went arnd kb n seria beach.. hahhaa saw yatie datin arnd too~ hahahha~ i haven got the pics from him yet.. sighh... =( but but.. had a nice day! enjooooyed it~ XD

hahahhaa on wednesday, 25.06... were suppose to go meet up with wei kee, siew chee(haven seen them eversince out of hostel) n han(baru balik from uk) in ogdc.. then when i reached there.. they changed location to wywy! haa.. since i was in ogdc.. went to check on the thingies for sell.. n couldnt see the things i want...

then roamed arnd the area... jus to get some extra time... mainly for aircon!!! was hot outside! pure torture~ then then... when i do tat... i heard a familiar voice....

walked around n found ak.!!! gaah tot he is like workin inside the exhibition hall.. then we tok tok abit..he showed the video to me...then he rushed to kb to korek more money~ haa remember my money ahh~ XD

then i went out also.. n bzbody abit took pics arnd~ hahaha wheeen u ppl comin here??? wana go into the exhibition hall laaa~~~ wana see see look look~~~

i really like this.. specially the circle!! i like the circle~~~ XD hahahhaa seen this one in the exhibition hall before... n now its seeing light~ haha still i like looking at it...~

this.. heard from ak.. there's sumthing wrong with this.. not suppose to be this n that..thus u couldnt really see wat it could do.. so yea... heard they gona correct it asap~ =)

this one.. the very very first time i see this.. i haf no idea how to see it... then rupanya.. u nid to find a certain angle to get to see it.. interesting one.. i haven got the chance to see myself walkin up that stairs~ =D

there there.. this is how its suppose to look like... XD

the puzzle.. i didn bother to play with it.. n the afro??? i failed...big time!!! why u say? im not tall enough... @_@ not tall enough to fit the round black bob~ haa~ n accordin to ak again... the effect is best seen when its evening time... then can see la when u take pics...

a fine hot day~~ wasnt that breezy too~ ha! open air sauna~

n poooooor fishes!!!!!! n turtles or tortoise!!! due to the loootsa icky icky patches of algaes o watever they are on top of the top!! itss sooo polluted looking!!! n unhealthy!! gahh... i dun think the animals are comfy in those water conditions.. -_- ksiaaaaaan~ sigh.. after lookin at them..then when i see ideal's grilled chicken... no appetite owedi.. too much algae in mind~ =D

hahaa lil baby~~ tryin to chase the erm... piece of thingie thing? ah wells.. after all these... went to wywy seria n met them up!! chit chat... not bad not was nice... n went back arnd 4... n thought going for hashing..when... dad was bz with his work...~ thus! tak jadi go~~ haaa... my fats were totally happy~ XD

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