Thursday, July 3, 2008

hah! one busy day!

on sunday, 22.06, there was this jungle walk in bandar~ n woke by my mom so early tat i was totally grumpy~ n dad didn say anythin bout not having breakfast.... n i was starving! luckily i ate a banana~ haaah! my face was as if ppl owe me looots~ nah no breakfast....pure torture!

before the run.. managed to force a smile.. then we stretched... n went for the long trail... papa laaa.. he was plannin to go for short... then he changed his mind...y? cuz he say he looked so pro tat he 'paiseh' go for short... @_@ gaaahh.. no strength... how to survive long trail this??? X( totally moody!!! then well.. it was ok.. just some of the hills ascending kan.. im not fit as usual.. so... abit lau ya... so still alright! cuz didn scream o wat.. like the kids in front... wearing -oh-so-white-n-steady-basketball-shoes'~ then when they hafta cross muddy areas.. u can hear them shout...'MY SHOES!!!' XD ksssssiiiiaaaan~

ahhhh out of the greens 45 min... then walkin back on road to camp is arnd 15 min... hehehe not bad not bad! at least i kinda didnt let my dad down..i guess.. hahhaa... mom..? she was waaaay in front... but she kept waiting for us.. ahh mommy~ XD

waaaaah my face....macam mampus lookin~...oh yea...was hungry.. but after tat.. wasnt tat hungry.. cuz kept drinkin water~

gaaah~~~ mati enjin! hahhaa there werent any dangerous stuffs..n i wana feel how its like to lie on floor...hmmm oklaa... just after dad took this pic.. sumone passed by n asked.. waaah..sudah pengsan ka? XD i terus woke up~ *shyshy* XD

ahh at least they provide this~ so refreshing~~~ n some bread~ =D but... drank too much water n 4 cups of cold milo... i didn eat the bread with tuna... cuz... full! XP

after waiting for half an hr... there r still ppl coming out.. hahhaa that fed my 'kambang-ness' well~ i was like.. gossssshh... got ppl slower than me???? XD i didn know im tat ok~ hhahaha.. ah wells i cheat abit.. my shoes wasnt slippery lor...but their nice nice shoes...nada grip la.. hehe

hahaha this guy.. he was in front of me n dad.. then.. he slowed down by the tree la... then not long after we came out... he was there.. in tat position with the towel on his head for like... a very long time... =P

ahhh food time! n it was not nice...=) gosh.. this im so straight foward.... seriously.. i disliked... the fish fillet shud b nice without the eeeeew sauce~ they used canned fruits n i duno wat.. pink sauce! haa.. forced myself with some food la... to fill abit of my empty stomach... hmm

ahhh there was this moment when 5 boys jus came out... all wearin shirt pants n basketball shoes.. dad was like..wahh they play basketball inside~ =p hmmm milo... saviour of the day!! aaahh me loves~ then after all those prize givin ceremony n stuffs... we jalaaaan after changing our baju....without bathing.... yessssh... we salty fishes~~ =P

the bus tat brought the students over... this is actually a good thing!! schools shud bring their students for outdoor activities!! *gasp* any secondary students readin this.. might disagree n clobber me! XD but seriously.. its healthy! n gainin experience in the forrest~ =)

we were otw to gadong..when i saw this!! waseeeeeeh i didn know it was tat day the challenge i mean.. hahhaa..sakai see so many ppl arnd~ invasion of the grey shirt ppl!! XD

went to mall... mom n auntie went to guardian.. whereas me n dad stood at one of the poles like wat.. luckily! its weekend.. n sis came back with my small digi cam~ tats y convenient to take pics arnd~ plus its light! =D

went arnd mall to see see look look if there's anythin new.. n only now realised that from the pics above... its actually bags~ so cute~ car n train~ we were admiring la outside the shop... =0

whoooaa... they were everywhere!!!! n sigh.. duno y...when take pics of them.. the pics r blur.. myt b excited? =D so yea they were at ground floor.. some of them..mcam resting..some of them mcam lepak-ing arnd..

they even check out the stores names~~ haaah~ gadong tat day was really invaded by them~ even outside the roadside..some walking..some even sat down on some blocks n started discussing... ahh~ seemed very d interesting!

ahhh went shopping in jayahypermart... then was waiting outside with dad while mom n auntie inside look arnd.. then then saw lee nadia they all!! XD hahahhaa excited plang~ ah wells.. earlier on in mall..say yusre arin they all... but tak sempat take pics...cuz we were going different directions... hehehe

eeeerr boys?? y not looking at cam? hahaha sure u ppl had fun~~ =)

ahhh after shopping went to this place to eat.....inda nyaman..=( disappointing!!! even the tau fu fa no nice~ aaaah i miss my hometown.. that hot yummy tau fu fa~ sold normally at roadside...n everyone can eat it! n n n ...gaaah~ i shall stop...*dreams away*

after tat... went to hua ho bunut... nuthin much there.. then went to hua ho at tutong.. hahhaa see arnd wa.... duno where to go... hua ho here n there sja.. hmmm~ n the 'tutong mall' kinda empty~ sigh....

i find this funny~~~ hahaha n yea..i had troubles with my cam tat day.. duno y blurrrrrrr~~~~ some of the pics like blur.... gaaah~~ lama not touch the cam... n sumhow the pic quality not as nice anymore~~ sis was like...nah its normal waa~~ -_-

n i got lazy walking arnd... i bought waffles o pancakes o wateva they call it(the terms in brunei are like mixed up) n sat on the chairs with my dad n makan makan makan.. haa tat day makan alot la.. in car.. continue eating the tuna bread... yuuum!

after tat stop.. we balik... then go labi road to see how the hash going there.. one make trails... XD sumone had to last min lay the pprs... n the trail was around 30mins? the faster runners went in two times! hehhe... n aaahhh the dogs the hasher brought... soooo cute!!!! its so shoooort~ XD

hahaa reminded me of someone...~ who u think it is? =) cute doggie~ but it didnt want to stay near...kept moving arnd~

this one... obviously a girl!! hahha such a cutie... she went for the trail too! n came out... the owner fed the dogs 100plus.. haaa.. they loved it!! n she was resting there n pant alooot~

the third white dog... love to walk arnd~ =) hehehe~

mommy~~~ hmm felt like postin this pic sja... =D

then we went to this place in sg liang for foot massge tat my auntie recommended... thai massage~

but sadly.. only two person can massage.. one guy n one girl... dad wanted full body massage.. then mom n aunties wanted foot massage... so the girl had to work one by one...where as me... stayed on the couch n watched star movies' the dark' if im not wrong...its an ok movie la...

once in awhile i walked arnd..passing time n also msging with my koibito.. n yeaaa... the foot massage seems sooo erm... nice... but im scared... so when im brave enough to do it.. i shall go.. cuz.. even my mom..showed tat expression on her face... an expression of tahanin the unbearable pain~ @_@

haaaah the girl is soo strong n durable.. she spend arnd 1.5 hr per person? n she really uses her strngth! n i could actually see her muscles sticking out.. whooa.. i wouldnt wana mess with her... XD

whereas dad? i couldnt see wat they were doing.. they were behind closed doors...@_@ apparently my dad slept when the guy massaged...cuz he too tired...hahhaa ksian~

overall not bad... the foot massage worth it! $12 bucks ehhh~~ n more than one hr!! well its relaxing la...according to auntie.. n body massage? dad was like...uhmm..ok~~ not tat nice but not tat bad also.. hehe... after tat.. we finally balik!!! XD n bathed after a looooong day~~ ahh in heaven~~ =P

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