Tuesday, May 22, 2007

monday, 21.05.07

the girls...goshh my eyes sooooo small!! must be my specs blocking part of my eyes~~ bleeh

hmmmm monday... totally monday blues~~~ i was soooo moody... razan knows about it~~ ahaha cuz i was really complaining to her... wahahhaa well... went to soon lee browsing for some stuffs with ak. and saw lailatol! chit chat for awhile then we went up to ayamku restaurant to have lunch with razan and her colleagues~ were teasing razan alot! hahaha.. somehow it cheered me up~


after lunch, went around and it started raining... whoaaa made me feel even moody~~ then he sent me back so early that i have time to have afternoon sleeeeep~~~ and when i woke up... felt terrible laa... sigh... then went to ideal to tapau chicken.. and when i got back i received a card from alicia!!!! yaaaaay!!! that totally brightened me up! thanx sooo much alicia!!!! hahaha i'll try to lanja u next time la.. that time im really really broke waa.. soo next time k??? lab u lots!!! and yeaa still have to show rachel, shirley and maggie the card la... hmm wonder when leh?? huhuu

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