Thursday, September 27, 2007

ubd life... i guess/think??

update a little on my ubd life la... hahha i can feel that my blog is more like a picture album... hmmm but that's my style... what can u expect from a person who doesnt like to write much?? hehehe

us following razan's transport to chancellor's hall... sooo far wa that place...

in maths lecture


my EEE female classmates...(now left me & irnnie-d one in blue, the others left for uk)

my EEE male classmates (left auzi- the one at the right wearing white)

cold drinks are ur best friend during hot days~

before and after looks after consuming cold drinks... huhuh

had lunch with jul n haijah

on the way back home... jul's face distorted~ wahahahaha thanx han for taking this pic!! and yea he left for uk too...

lazy razan... duwan to go into her room yet...hehee

sylvester and ignatius having a badminton match with the seniors.. they r good!

with kristy~ she dragged me out from hostel at 8.30pm and walked from hostel to stadium just because of her burning passion for badminton... me no complain... cuz get to witness n root for sylvester n tiong! hahaha

posing agn in fos admin


on my bday!!! went to ogdc with lysa... missed that place.... hhuhu

got to hav dinner with lysa~~ my last time seeing her during her 3months break.

went back hostel that very night of my bday~~ huhuhu

gosh im old looking....

during lc class... i dont really like lc class... cuz its english... and need to do reports n stuffs... issh

razan playing pool in MRC... me jadi observer

me, mag, don in bjfa

my first time in bjfa....

trees at hostel..~~

opening of pesta konvo at chancellor's hall

the three soh chais at library... play cs agn there.... haiyooo~~ but quite dependable.. specially on homeworks!! hehhee

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