Wednesday, September 12, 2007

okay okay.. am here to update!!! the pics are in reverse order which means.. from new to old... 'during' my ubd orientation 30.07-04.08.... i know.. im really darn slow in this... ah wells... enjoy the pics~~
view of the trees outside CLT(language theatre)

the 'alien-looking-spaceship' bla bla punya lights in multi purpose hall

outside faculty of science.... ^_^

the last day of orientation... we r in the female hostel's canteen.. serikandi!

first time setting into my permanent room in F6 in my first year..~

three of us supposed to donate blood.. but because the 'staffs' kept cutting queue... we waited n waited til we cant tahan we left....but sygla didn donate blood la....

just wait n wait n wait~~~

ahhhhh....view in a japanese restaurant.. 'kaisen'....goshhh.. will show u more pics of the food.. its such a recommended place.. but costly laa...~

enjoying ourselves~

busy eating!! my cousin lanja us all... thanx ah keong!!

ahh... view of the dst building(?) no idea laa...

my room in F1! nice place!!

analisa was my neighbour!!! missed her~~

lepaking arnd the hostel

lepaking arnd ubd on friday!! rajin ppl we this...~

very very very unhealhy breakfast.... pop mie with tuna... pringles as snacks... corn as appetizer....longan as dessert!

enjoyed sleeping in the aircon room/common room... five ppl (including me) slept there...~~

went jln jln wit analisa's cuzzie.. and went to pasar gadong n bought stuffs... nyaman n cheap!! huhuhu

another unhealthy dinner.... nasi katok ... but with healthy drinks!! soya sponsored by lalitha.. n d yoghurt drink belonged to analisa.... sooo romantic us two....

lepak agn n agn~

razan's love for sultana~~~

in soon lee at someplace.. (me duno wher the place name~~) huhuhu

there was a time where we had to open bank account n buy insurance.. goshh sooo loots of bank there.... battle of the banks!!!!

waiting to open a bank account!!!

night view of royal regalia... eseeehhh first time lepak arnd there at night...!! huhuhu

pose pose

pose pose pose

being crazy in joanna's temp room

being formal in my room

lepakking at night with other hostelites!

having refreshments during breaktime

our smart yet cute nametags~~ courtesy of razan~(thanx!!)

so loving the chancellor's hall's toilet.. wahahaha apalaar...

at the masjid

act of boredom

posing in library!

and agn

at last got a pic of them!! they love to hide from my camera~~~

errrm just feeling sad.... eat cereal in the morning... hahaha apala me this... shud b considered lucky that me hav sumthin to eat ehh~~

another night to fool arnd~~

hanging arnd the common room

posing in a shoe shop in d mall

was toking to my parent on d phone when analisa took a stolen shot... ngeeeh~~ heehehee

semangat ppl cleaning their hostel rooms

ugly ppl@_@ huhuu

game of the week... i still duno how to solve the last step~~ whereas razan is sooooooo errrm... pro!


okok... soooo im done with my first week here.. gosh it took me ages to update bout this.... hahahahaa baaaa pls wait for ma next update!! thanx ya ppl reading my bloggie yeaa~~

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