Thursday, May 22, 2008

2nd review of Kaizen

ahhaaaa! only now im able to update bout my second time to kaizen with my sis n first with my uncle whom i love to call him qq instead~ =P nywayz...we wanted to dine out n didnt know wher to go... wanted to have sushi but we changed our mind bout excapade cuz we always go there... so thought of kaizen... well the first brief review of kaizen is here. seriously it was really good the first time i tasted it.... n this review... is gona b well... both good n bad... so just read on...(psst: not all the food we ordered is included in this review =))

ahh... only now i got to take a pic of their menu.... btw this kaizen restaurant is in bandar... i haven been to the seria branch... (heard it's not good at all.... even chee they all said so..=P)

still d menu layout captured my heart~ hehe d design la lawa~ even d pics very lawa.... just tat well.. d prices as usual... high~~ -_-

i like their uniform~~ XD n when i took this... one of the waitress was lke... goshh... she is taking ur pic!!! n thus this waitress was like malu.. n bend herself to avoid my camera... -_-" errr... n her tone of voice sayin that??it was like sooo... 'bimbo-ish' -_-"" haha fine... myt be my fault too... taking pics w/o permission? =P

qq's favourite! the one with lil crunchy lil eggies~ im not sure of the taste... cuz i didn eat it..~ =P n yea when i was takin a pic... the same waitress agn... said... 'look! she is taking pic of the food! *giggles*' @_@... u can so totally hear her voice la~ haiyoo

ahh... another type of eggie~ hehe sowi ppl... i duno their names.. i just eat... but didn remember their names~ n this? the eggs are a lil too sweet to my liking... but still.... o.k.l.aaaa~

ahh i know this! enoki battayaki! hahaha one of my fav dishes~ i tink it was diyana who said this was yummy... so went to try it out in xcapade... so came here n ordered it... it was way costly! but its ok... n the taste? buttery~ =P but a lil dry.. i want gravy~ i didn really like it tho...

avocado + salmon salad~ sumthin different n its actually nice~ not bad not bad~ =) goes well together la...(recommended)

soft shell crab... uhm... nuthin special of it...except the whole thing is edible.. its crispy... nuthin bad bout it... average..shud i say?

ahhh eel+fried tauhu... not bad! its nice actually~ =D tats a lil watery n 'light' sauce tat goes well with the tauhu... (recommended)

salmon with rice~ uhm.... not bad not bad... the rice was a lil dry if i remember correctly... n salmon... very normal... the usual thing we eat most of the time.. =)

ahh... the raw fishies~ its nice....~ in xcapade they place them on top of a layer of ice... n their octopus slices were a lil thick... but here... its thinner..thus easier to chew but tho there's no ice o sumthin.. they were still a lil chilly...=) (recommended)

first time i tried pregnant fish!! actually... i can live w/o ordering it =P o mayb i didn know how to eat n admire the taste o sumthin... its very very normal fried fish.. except...well.. they were pregnant! ->a dish i can skip

yesh.. they were realy pregnant k?? lotsa yellow eggies there.. me no lie!! i think my sis freaked out knowing bout it.. thus she didn try it... so all goes to qq~ he loves eggs~ =P

ahh....some seafood(i totally forgot what it's called!!! but frm the look of the shell.. i guess some of u all can figure out what it is =)) with cheese n some cream~ not bad~ (w/o referrin to the price... @_@ its arnd 12bucks for 4 of them?) its yummy actually... but doesnt seem japanesey eh? western influenced i guess?

ahh sea weed~~ i dislike it... it was a lil too salty~ -_- its also a lil spicy... but its ok.. still we got to finish this... BUT as for the jellyfish... a turn off! we didn finish it at all! its was overly salty! salty till we cant concentrate in chewin the jellyfish... d texture was alright... but d taste of salt in d tongue is overly empowerin~ @_@ i duno wat they put inside la... but really wa... a simple dish n its one of their biggest failure~ sigh... totally disappointed us.. specially my uncle la.. his first time n its not good~

but still... we enjoyed ourselves talkin(not many customers arnd) n enjoyed criticising the food~ hehe

overall.. the bill was arnd ninety plus?? n we werent that satisfied~ i guess this might be our last time visiting kaizen.... i guess?? cuz first of all... kaizen's pricing is above average... well its ok... but.. i can get better tastin food for a cheaper price.. second... most of the food.. not as nyaman... myt b the quality of it dropped? ah wells... we all decided... ok.. lets just stick to excapade atm when comes to japanese food... =P

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