Monday, May 26, 2008

after mib exam~

this was the first day of sem 2 exams~ after mib...which i did really really terribly in... one of the topics.. i did read bout it! n when i saw the topic given.. i was soo excited.... i know this i know this! then when i tried to write bout it.. i forgot.. my mind was a total blank! me idiotic o not? @_@ sigh.. after the exam.. unwind a lil at hostel.. then took a nap....

when i first woke up.... was w/o my glasses... n i saw this view i terus took my cam n snap... still w/o my specs... gosh.. didn know wher i focus on.. hehe but there's sumthin tat it captured my sight... o mayb cuz im still in a dreamy state?? haha btw i still haven master to capture wat my eyes see.. sigh... i nid to work more... gah... am lazy~~~~ -_- *slaps myself*

then this... otw to bathroom to take a shower in my sexy maroon-coloured kain with towel round my neck(only the girls know how sexay i look~=P) i saw the lightin... then i rushed back to my room to get my cam agn... erma n yumie were there i tink.. n they were shocked.. haha... took a shot.. mas came out n joined me lookin at wat im tryin to see.... n she frust... haha i myself oso blur on wat i see... but just tat warm light~ =)

while takin pic... yee jan came to see wei kee~ haha~ a stolen shot of her~~ ah wells... simpan my camera in mas room temporarily... takkan me bring the cam with me to mandi ryt?? n the girls were like thinking... oooh~ u bringin the cam together with u n take pics while u showerin?? =D omigosh~ haha thanx for the idea but no thanx.. im not tat 'brave' n wudn wana wet my cam eh~ XD

ok.. back to claim my cam~ n there chee bermain main~ n there i was~ someone tiny standin there like an idiot~ XD

back in my room.. saw this... its dead~ but the way it crawled its tiny leggies.. hmm catches my attention~ =P haha apakan~ gosh.. how did i got rid of it agn?? @_@ eeerrr cudn remember~

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