Friday, May 23, 2008

genki rockets!

from wikipedia- Genki Rockets (元気ロケッツ)is a hybrid band made up of unnamed musical artists. The face of the group is a fictional character named Lumi, an 18-year old girl who was born in space on September 11 2037 and has never been to Earth.

Genki Rockets is unique in that it is a band composed entirely of unnamed musicians and that their music videos are entirely computer-generated, including the band's lead character, Lumi. The visuals are created by Japan's Glamoove, Inc. They are also unique in solely using holograms for live performances, such as their performance at Live Earth.

here's two mv from genki rockets... wana intro cuz i think the design is soo unique!! though i dont really fancy these type of genre... but sumhow it does lift my spirits up.. hehe n i like heavenly star more... XD n i like the video its sooo creative... but well.. except.. it kinda like strain ur eyes a lil~ ah wells~ enjoy ppl!!!! cuz i did~ well for me...tat is...~ =P

heavenly star- genki rockets

breeze- genki rockets

pssst! did i mention that... i find lumi pretty??? XD me like~~ gwahahahhaa~

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