Sunday, May 18, 2008

PCM Grand Finale!

had our grand presentation of the potato cutting machine on 23.04.08... n gosh... am relieved it is officially over!!!! XD!!!! ah wells... our team, Irn, Oz n me... we called ourselves T3 pte ltd! =)

d week before the presentation we were totally focused on getting it to work n finalise the slides n did the patent n technical report... n tats the time we kinda went grocery shopping most of the time.. for potatoes! then carrots, white raddish... n thus the project room in fos was totally messy when we arnd...=P and yeaa most of the time we spent our time there..after any class... we would terus go there n continue our work~

ah wells.. we kept experimenting with the food that could be sliced by the machine.... and terus buang after experimenting... sigh.. malas to bring back n cook wa.. we hostelites are just plain lazy~ n plain 'rich'~ *cries* ah wells.. once in awhile la...

even sol was stressed out! tying his hair like tat... n he kept experimenting the machine and kept slicing the potatoes which explained y we always run out of potatoes at that time~ @_@

this! it was well.. an error.... in well... hand drilling~ me n oz wanted to dril this lil hole thru the machine... but before that we had to try it first on an acrylic.... after trials there was this moment.... the drill came off.... stuck in between the acrylic! so we both tried to saw it... and thank goodness it worked!!!! otherwise... ah wells... forget bout the otherwise! XD

ahhhhhh creation of TUI corporate, team members-> sol, liang, chee, shan! hehee the mushroom alike potato!!! soooo kawaii!!!! reminded me of chee tho~ mogu~~~ =D n yea their group... totally creative la... got fire carrot somemore! its basically a carrot that is cut into a flower-like shape~ ah wells.. our team had probs with cutting the original shape... thus not enough time to focus on the programme to make special shapes...

how to get a cylindrical potato shape??? me n oz went to venture arnd ubd to find for mr brown!!! pmubd, cafeteria nada... library vending machine rosak... everywhere nada!! then finally.... reached the other end of ubd in fbebs! there it is mr brown!!! haaa... we were like tired... n spent too much time in finding mr brown.. wat to do.. we wanted its material... ~ in order to cut the potato~ =)

the night before the grand day!!!! desperately met up with all the members in hostel at night... cuz the machine still had problems!! so yea...

wondering y we were all sitting n waiting outside??? well... was waiting for the key to d resco shop to arrive.... had to wait for yusre syg to pass me d key... n he arrived half an hr to an hr later! so yea we were generously donating blood to the environment.. hehehe n yeaaa the applied physics grp were there too discussing~ we were all totally nervous bout it~ X(

...nervous breakdown!! hehee gosh... oz totally bought all the choki choki there n thus we got to haf choki choki as snacks~ =D thanx dearest ank~ ^_^ well.. we were all fooling arnd... n that nyt... what did we achieve?? i couldnt remember... =P what dis?!??!

on the grand day itself!!!! whooooaaaa we were the first grp to present! n we cudnt prepare in time due to some tech prob n went to supa save last min to buy more potatoes! gosh we were totall nervous! n in irn's car... we listened to oldies n started singing K such as let's twist agn n the limbo dance.. hahaa we cracked up!!! another nervous breakdown thingy~ hehee n the presentation???? i think i did.... ok..? nervous nervous nervous! didn practice at all.. just... i just did it!! n yea.. we didnt rehearse... thus... not such a good one... n our machine... something went wrong!! thus not a smooth transition at all=(

hehee what was nice.... was.... we all were sooo smart looking!! hahaha specially oz!!! he went to wet his hair lagi.. so smart looking la.. hahaha... btw at that time.. the IM ppl were there doing presentation also.. thus kana complained when we made noise... =P ooops! wat to do.. we were high after the presentation cuz we practically... erm.. spoiled it i gues?? -_-

waseeh! i look smart eh?? smart til... i dunola... first time sooo smart n pro looking i guess?? XD

when i first exit that presentation room... i felt terrible!! like like like i was fired... i think our team felt a lil tat way too?? hehe ah wells.... the grand coat is of no use to me anymore!! uwaaaa~ *exagerrated* =P naah.. return to my sis sja....

lck->????? what what what???? chee-> my hands' cold!!! hahahaawe were all nervous.. after presentin... i felt nervous for them too! hahaa... o wasiit we waited for too long for the chem team, asab-> albert,syl,wei wei n basil...?? they were in the room for like... arnd 1 hr?? haha fooled arnd outside n got more warnings for the IM students... btw IM-> institute of medicine... =P

the machine by orange inc! (aka the applied physics ppl-> saiful, siew teng, le thien, fez) looked sophisticated eh?? heehe they totally designed a brand new thing at d bottom... =D kewl~

saiful, safwan, wani, wei wei! they were out for a break from the presentation~~ =)

as usual... oz stalking arnd~ =P n i stalked him!

we forgot to take pic with our box! hahaha~ but we didn look smart anymore~

*gasp* sylvester! wat? y? wat happened? hhehe nadala.. he shyshy frm camera..~ n yeaaa halfway of their presentation... the door swinged open n he came out n blurted 'tah ma te!' aloud! we all turned to him, looking shocked.. hahaa rupanya their machine got prob too! i can tell u ppl.. tat day all the machines were overly shy that they didn work smoothly o properly... haaa!!! got us sooo stressed out!! =P

asab with their cute pose~ XD

the eee's'~~ this time... everybody in pants!! last sem presentation... irn wore bju krg... shan n chee wore skirt... =)

ok... the longer we were there... the crazier we got to be... hehe stuffing two heads in a box??? not bad not bad...~ wahahaha wat me tokin~~

look at asab's packaging of the potatoes??? totally neato!!!! me likey~ ^_^

n well... we messed up the place ??? we were in basement of the chancellor hall btw....sigh... n yea... even the IM ppl abis with their presentation n its their turn to b noisy... told them to tone down but still..... noisy!! haa... had to wait some of them to leave.. then it was less noisy than before...

the models with their respective boxes as hats ?? hehehe cute!! but erm sol was tryin to erm.. i duno... creating the ghostly hand gestures look?? -_-

hahhaa now this is wat we call good buddies!! haha apakan.. cute cute cute!! but sowi for the blur pic.. didn set the settings properly... hehe

after the presentation and clearing our mess... n returnin the power supplies to the lab n cleaning the lab...... we were uber hungry! so off we went to giant for food~~~ hehe ordered ordered n ordered!

yummy?? =D

passing the chopsticks time! they ordered some dimsum... hmm... wat did i ordered? i only ordered a drink...cuz ate bread in d afternoon... so was still full.. but kind lil oz ordered one plate of dim sum for me~ thanx~~ ^_^

hehe didnt we look like a bunch of workers who baru abis working o sumthin?? hehe sumthin memorable...n we walked arnd giant.. n noticed! when d girls saw syl.. they were like whispering to each other n giggled a lil~ haha he very d desirable? =P

the grand finale!!!!! on 26.04.08!!! the results of the presentation! n look at the goodies dr frank got us??? chocs chocs n moore chocs!!!he loves chocs soo much... so do we!!!! haha~

we had to think n had lotsa choices to make... *slurps* n ahh got hot drinks lagi~~~~ yummey~~ =)

but poor irn was tired.... she suffered from lack of sleep eh~ sigh.. persuaded her to go back early to haf a rest... ah wells... on this day.. we got to watch all of our presentations la then the winner announced at the end of that session~

ahhhh a bday gift for shan from the 3 boys of eee~ hehe sweeto~~ n she didn even realise til she saw her name on the tag of the bag... hehe

the results!!!whoooaaa the chem ppl totally did their best!!! though their presentation was long....but... their movie clips were awesome!!! we totally didn tot of making the movie clips.. it was good~ sigh... they deserve it!!! congrats!!!

dr frank had a surprise for them?? signalling bro b to take sumthin~

there it is!!! their gift!!! a whole bottle of choclairs!!! eseh bro b....seemed.... excited himself?? =P

congrats once agn to asab!!! hahaha u all got the contract!! syoook!! n thanx for sharing d choclairs with us~~ =D n finally the course en 1201 had come to its end!!!! n it is a syok course!! we got to have hands on with the machines.... n created things we never thought of... n sigh... we love it!! hahahaa gona miss it~~ hope the experience we gotten would come in handy in the future~ cheers!!!!

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